Onward, Ino the Playoffs we go!

Monday has arrived folks, January 17th, 2022. The Wildcard Playoffs will conclude tonight with The Arizona Cardinals vs the LA. Rams in California. The Playoffs so far have gone the way I predicted basically and in the end this game will be a decisive factor in the actual outcome as to who will play whom in the Divisional Rounds. It will be an interesting game if both teams play up to their potentional here.

The Cardinals are a young and upcoming teanm and their young Quarterback will be a decisive player in this match-up as well as the defense they have.

The Rams are a solid team, with a great defense but also they have a Quarterback with a very big problem inhis own way. Now Stafford came over to the Rams from Detroit where he couldn’t win no matter what, he just did not have the supporting cast needed. Stafford though is really a pocket passer, if you chase him, rush him and pressure him constantly he will make error or interceptions. I expect he may throw two in this game. If so this will be a close contest.

The Cardinals Quaterback is young, inexperienced in the playoffs, but he is mobile and able to move, run and throw on the run. Advantage Cardinal there. Defensively how good the Cardinals stop the Rams run game can determine this game straight up. Cardinals defense stops Rams run game it will force Stafford to throw and move in the pocket causing big problems.

In the end, I have been asked who I favor in the game and which team, I prefer to play The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the following round. But in the end it turns out The 49ers will play Tampa Bay.

How do I see the Playoffs going from the end of this Wildcard Round forward, well, all depends on tonight Cardinals/ Rams game of course. Yet in the end we are ending up with some very good match-ups in the Divisional Rounds.

Lets start on The AFC Side of this whole Playoffs-

  1. Bengals Vs Titans- Titans have the stronger defense and running game. Bengals are young and really new to it all for the first time in 31 years. Now Burrows is a good Quarterback and Chase a great Reciever on Offense and yes they have recievers who can play. But your not gonna beat the titans by throwing here, you will need to run. The Titans havea running game that is akiller when it gets going. Their Quarterback is better seasoned and is accurate too, he doesn’t throw many interceptions. I favor the Titans here by at least 14
  2. BIlls Vs Chiefs- Bills have proven theyc an score big time and that they have a defense that is decent by beating up on the patriots. Them the chiefs came out and proved tey can do the same and slammed the Steelers out of it all. So who wins here, I say in the end, the Chiefs by 10, but in every round in the playoffs there will be uosets be ready folks.
  3. The NFC side of this is going to get really intersting here. First – Tampa Bay must now play a 49ers team who beat the Cowboys in a close game in Dallas, San Fran is of course hungry and showed they can play well on both sides of the ball. Yet I tend to favor Tampa Bay here, Brady, the D-line of The Bucs wil take this oneI believe by 7.
  4. The winner of the Cardinals vs the Rams wil have to head to Green Bay the coldest place to play in the league in my opinion, Rogers for Green Bay is playing hot and the Packers are now on a roll. Does it matter which team the Packers play here, I think not, for neither likes cold weather. The better match-up here would probally be Cardinals vs Packers, for the Pack. But, I expect in the end, unless Stafford is rushed and makes big mistakes the Rams will go to Green Bay. It will be interesting, the Cardinals are good but no one knows exactly how good as of yet. The Rams are a proven commodity here. Take the Rams.

Ok I have a love of the NFL and no one is 100 percent on their picks, upsets always happens and shall always happen as Coaches scheme and scheme away and come up with game plans that work. So be prepared here for some upsets maybe one or two next week.

Onward I shall go as long as I can in life for sure, I know my health is worsening as i go along and I have signs of it showing daily. I made mistakes health wise and let myself slip since my wife’s passing. So each day is now an adventure and I must take it easy, and be careful. My diabeties and high blood pressure problems can get me for sure. I know that now and I know it big time as my head buzzes and pressure can build in my chest. I have no choice now a days but to nap when needed, otherwise I am in trouble. So careful is all I can be. Time shall tell of course, but at least I know if I do pass, where I shall be laid to rest, next to my wife the love of my life, in the end.

I plan on enjoying what I can in life as i go along and being as careful as I can but I am not ignorant or stupid as I get closer to 66 years old . I can’t last forever and I know it at some point, I will end up in the hosiptal, a VA Hospital and I know they will either save me and make me right once more, or I too shall pass like all before me. I am at peace with it really, there is only so much one can do in life, to survive, once your body starts to go and starts to fail you. So Wish me luck.

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