Are you Ready for some Football! AFC and NFC Championships next!

Ok The AFC Championship will be first up at 3 pm est, Sunday January 30th.

The Bengals are the definite underdogs here and I believe the Chiefs will be favored by at least 14 points or more here. While Joe Burrow has shown up in these playoffs along with Jamar Chase and others, the Chiefs defense will probaly win out in this game. Mahomes has weapons of all kinds here for the Chiefs on Offense. The only chance the Bengals have here is if they can cause turnovers, sack Mahomes, and keep the KC Offense on the sidelines. If not count on a one sided game here in the Chief’s pocket.

The NFC Championship Game- will be next at 6;30 pm est, This game will be a good one i believe. The 49ers ar a good team and if they have zero turnovers and they get to Stafford with their front four, they can win. The Rams Defense is big in this one and it could prove the part to win. Yet, The 49ers have shown their defense is no push over either. So, I say this game will be the closer of the two, and probally be a 7 or 10 point game in the end. Does San Francisco have a chance against the Rams, yes they do, all will depend on their Defense and the 49ers having zero turnovers, and they can play it and win. In the end though if i am correct, the Ram will probaly win it here.

So My prediction for a Super Bowl this year is La Rams Vs Kansas City Chiefs. And that my friends could turn out to be a good one if it happens take it from me. I do l ike close games, so no blowouts please here.

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