Year 66 begins for me!

Hello, year 66, for me! It is now January 26th, 2022! As I said before time waits for no one or any reason it just ticks away as we age. We may not know how long we can live, because that is not determined by us, but what all should do, is live life to the fullest and do what you want to do while you are healthy and can.

You have a place you want to go to visit or live do it, you have a person you want to ask out do it. You have something you want or need to buy and can afford it, do it. Eat well, stay healthy and in the end live long I say. Do what you want really in life, enjoy, be happy, while you can. The Good Lord put us here on earth, and we should all enjoy it as we can, and in the end the purpose we are here to do or take care of will come to light and we accomplish it and return unto the Good Lord’s side when we pass from the planet. We can’t determine or control when, but we can try our best to, make the best of our time here.

Seals and Crofts wrote a song, that goes, Life So they say, are for the fools and they let it drift away, peace like a flying dove, should be flying but it’s only just begun, Like Columbus in the olden days, we must gather all our courage, sail our ships on an open sea and cast away our fears so all the years will come and go and lift us up always up, For We may Never Pass This Way Again! IT’s a verse in a song yes, but the meaning is true to everything in life we do and should be applied by all of us. For it points out the fact everything we do, passes by, and we shall never be able to repeat any moment, in time. So live fully, enjoy as you can, and along the way you mission or purpose in life will happen one day.

Woke up this morning and realized, my wife was on mind,

Missing her is not easy you see,

Because she meant that much to me,

She was my friend,

My Lover,

My confident,

My soul partner,

My Advisor,

And so much more,

I hope she knows how much I loved her and will for all time.

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