You tell me folks!

January 27th, 2022. I watch the news and I am sure many do too, daily in the morning or evening of each day, and I have seen the reports on covid, the economy, the retiring of a Supreme Court Justice and of course the reports about January 6th, 2021 and Trump’s involvement and inciting of it all. I read reports on all of the above and wonder, how many Americans really, understand it all.

Some are blinded by biases, some are uneducated and just follow the opinions of others to fit in with their friends. Sadly few really understand all that is happening and how it all really works, concerning their own future and what it means for our country and the way we live day to day. They only worry about how much they need to pay for heat or to run their cars, fuel wise and of course utility costs and food. How many really understand the repercussions of all Trump did, how he did it and what it means for the future of democracy and our republic? The act of inciting a riot, insurrection against the government that he was supposed to be running as President is not only illegal, selfish, corruption and more, it is downright treasonous in all ways. And I remind all, he did so and incited it all, so he could stay in Office as President and he failed thank god.

Now before I go further here, I want to talk to those who are the Oath Keepers, The Proud Boys, QAnon members, are you happy now paying for the acts you committed under Donald Trump’s direction? How do you like having to pay for court costs, lawyers and being convicted of crimes, and even some serving time as Trump sit in Mar a Largo, and eats steak and parties as he wishes and plays golf and collects a massive pension and benefits from his presidency?

Lets be real here, Trump supporters elected a man to office who had no knowledge of a damn thing, and then backed him despite all his failure in his life. This man failed at selling water, selling steaks, failed at Trump University too. Look he barely gets by in real estate only because of his father’s name, otherwise he would be a broke man.

What’s even sadder about the whole Trump fiasco, is this, he has corrupted his own children and put them at risk just like he has his Trump Org. personnel and his own lawyers. So tell me folks please what kind of individual, puts at risk his most loyal followers and his own children too, for his own purposes? What kind of a man are we paying Presidential Benefits to at this stage of the game and why?

Let me conclude this one in this way folks, I am no fan of Donald Trump’s in anyway, that is obvious of course, yet I do not hate him. What I hate is his selfish, greedy ways, his way of trying to bullshit the public and twist everything in his favor. He lost the election by over 80 million votes on the popular voting and in the electoral voting by a large margin too in 2020. Yet he sent his people, his lawyers out to falsify and add illegal made up Electoral Vote ballots to make it look like he won the election and steal it from The Current President and the country. That my friends is treason, it’s illegal in all ways under our laws and constitution yet he remains a free man in Florida having a good time on your dime? Why?

I believe just because he served as President, Prosecutors in New York, Washington and other states all fear him and his money. They fear charging him and figure they can’t convict an ex-president, but I remind them, he lost all immunity or any privilege when he was voted out of office. He is a citizen of the United States only now and he is open to prosecution the same as any man, woman or child who broke the laws. He deserves to lose his pension, his benefits and and to be convicted of the crimes he has committed over his lifetime and when in office. Is it fair for a man to get away with all he has done, just because he served four years as President, no! That is like saying a Veteran of any branch of service while on duty is immune from prosecution, if he commits a crime. Nope ask the Federal and Military prisons on that one and ya will find millions of Veterans in them, who were convicted too. No man, woman or child should be immune from prosecution or being charges and convicted of crimes that break the Laws and Constitution so why is Trump not charged? You tell me folks!

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