Term Limits for all

January 28th, 2022, Friday- The world is full of problems, but the problems are created by human beings not the planet itself. Yes we have volcanoes and other natural disasters, we survive them because we have learned how. What we have not done is find a way to beat man-made disasters and problems, why because man, continues to make them.

We see it everyday in the stock markets, the politics and in the way we treat the world and one another. Mankind wants everything in it’s own way it seems. We don’t control the climate folks, but we destroy it by polluting it for one. We don’t really control the markets or economy either, that is controlled by the ebb and flow of money and business. Is it right to think one President one man controls any of it, no.

What many in America do not understand is the working way of the United States Democracy and Government. Yes we elect a President every four years, Representatives every two years and Senators every six years. But who do you really think is controlling the economy, the way America deals with Foreign Policy or our Military? It is not one man in the White House doing so, the President can recommend but not force anything and if those recommendations, bills or laws he requests do not come to fruition, Congress is the one stopping progress. The way the government is set up to work it is now being used by some to stop all progress for all America. Our Infrastructure is falling apart, roads, bridges, piping, water, sewage and more. Education is failing also many of our children are not being taught correctly. Why folks why?

I tire of people who point at the President no matter which one you want to point at from the current to the past ones, and go it’s the president’s fault it isn’t! The truth is if the Senate and the House do not compromise America fails to move forward, your paychecks get hurt, you lose money and benefits and healthcare can’t even get passed for all Americans to be covered. The fact that the Senate and The House will not compromise among the members and get something done for the country tells me the system is failing us all and that is sad my friends.

Ben Franklin said when the Constitution was signed, ” We now have a Republic now and we shall only have it as long as we protect and defend it and work on it!” That was said a long time ago in 1776 folks and let me tell you something, Ben Franklin was correct in his statement. We now have hit the crossroads he spoke of, where we can not compromise, we can not discuss and come up with solutions for the American People so we sit in a state of deadness, stalled by all of it. The only way to change it is not to elect a new President or to attack the current sitting President in office. You want to change it and make something happen, change Congress both the Senate and The House members. Get rid of the members who refuse to do their jobs and compromise, make them do so, by voting them out of office if they don’t. For a nation with the population we have to be stalled and stuck and not moving forward to help it’s own people is a damn sad thing to see.

You want Healthcare, jobs, a good economy? You want lower food prices, clothing prices, utilities, gas, oil and to make life affordable, make The Senate and The House react and work with each side. Tell the Republicans and The Democrats and Independents, to compromise and work together! Vote the non-working, non-listening, non-compromising individuals out of office and replace them with new blood, new people with new ideas to push things through. Let’s set term limits on how long a Senator can serve or how many terms one may serve in the House and Senate. Term limits would help big time, it helps with The Presidency it will help in Congress!

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