Four Teams left for a chance at the Superbowl!

Sunday once more, it seems just like it was Sunday yesterday, thats how fast time is flying by for me, it seems the older you get the faster times flies. It also seems the older you get the more you reflect on the past and all that has happened in your life. What I know I do, is use the past to decide the present, with a look at what the future may bring for me. As we grow older, humans learn from experiences and from what we see others do or not do too. We learn from our parents, our friends, our relatives and in the end from our own mistakes. Sometimes instead of stopping and looking before doing we rush in and end up paying a price for doing so, so never rush a decision folks you will be sorry.

This Sunday is NFL Conference Championship day. Four teams are left for a run at a Superbowl Title and a chance to hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I love the NFL for many reasons and i believe it is entertaining to watch and it keeps many watching with changes and the players it has and teams. During the football season, men and women alike are attracted to watching it for different reasons, some because they love the sport of it and the competitions between certain teams, some because they love the players, and some because they love their partners, lovers and friends who are involved in watching it all. The National Football League is a well loved pasttime to watch for most Americans, I believe.

Today two games, four teams meet for a chance at the National Football League Title. We take time to talk about the games and predict who we support as teams and players and why and which team is better or favored to win it all. Men argue, women argue and in the end it is all decided on the field each game that is played. There are turnovers, injuries, good players, bad players, weaknesses for each team still in it. Yet come game time, all the favorites are picked and the underdogs too. Some of us who have no team left to follow, do it all for entertainment and because we love the game, others for betting purposes to try to make money. Yet in the end the NFL games for me are fun to watch, interesting and some fantastic plays come to bear in who wins.

Today a team that has not won a thing in a long time, The Bengals will play a team who is in the playoffs almost every year lately The Chiefs. Now all odds makers, bettors and more from sportscasters to fans will say, this game is a one way lopsided game. It will be won easily they all are betting by the Chiefs, and they are probably correct in assuming so. But I remind all that The NY Jets Upset the Baltimore Colts many decades ago and no one thought that would happen. This game is gonna be fun to watch for me because I like backing underdogs and the Bengals are definitely that in this game. How can the Bengals beat the Chiefs, only one way, get to Mahomes, sack em numerous times. and stop the run. As I said I like backing the underdog here, but I also live in reality and facts and numbers and players, and in the end the Chiefs will more than likely win this game.

The second game between the San Francisco 49ers and La. Rams will be a good one I think. I think if you want a shoot out game, with some good competition this is the one of the two being played that will have it in it. The Rams are a powerhouse team in all areas of the game really, yet, they wil have to fight to win this one. Stafford is a good Quarterback and he has many weapons and their defense is maybe the best left in the playoffs. The 49ers, showed they can win and will do what is necessary to win in all three phases of the game, last week. Now here is the kicker in this game, hold the football, and you win, play keep away from the other team, by pounding it down field as much as possible and eat the clock. Both teams are capable of doing so here, but which has the defense to make the other team go three and out more often here? I think the 49ers have a good chance here. The favorite will be the Rams, yet the 49ers may upset them, for they have already beat them 3 times this season, I remind all. Consider this one a tough hard fought game from kickoff to ending and watch the 49ers, in it, they can win if they have zero turnovers in this game. I do love the competitive games that are close, and this should be one.

As to predicting the outcome here and who will be in the Superbowl, I won’t go there right now, but the favorites have to be KC and LA. all odds makers will say that. Like I said I would like to see the opposite though just for fun and to make it interesting, a Bengals vs, 49ers game would be fun. Yet, being logical and knowing teams and the game, I have to say it looks like a KC vs, LA, Superbowl is in store for all of us. We shall watch and see and yes I shall root for the underdogs, because in life we are all underdogs in someway at sometime.

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