Hopefully, I go on!

January 31st, 2022, after watching the Conference Championships on Sunday, I must say I was impressed by both games. The biggest surprise of course is the Cincinnati Bengals winning. I didn’t think they would but I am surprised at the play of Joe Burrows. Joe Burrows from what I have seen of him starting in the game with the Raiders, has shown himself to be level headed Quarterback who has many skills and abilities on the field. Simply amazing really in my book for a second year Quarterback in many ways, his decision making is very good.

Now I have no dog in this Superbowl really, and did not in the Conference Championships either, but I love to back underdogs and the Bengals were that. It is nice to see different teams in the Superbowl each year, gives fans a chance to think about how the game will go.

That said and done, the Super Bowl is set Bengals vs Rams, and the only question is can the Bengals play with the Rams or will they get ran over. I like the close games of each playoff round this year it gave us fans things to root for and to enjoy. As long as the games stay competitive the NFL will be making good money and the fan base will love it.

OK, now I have been looking for a new home, and my old one is practically sold now and under contract. I seek a place for me as a widower to settle in, in comfort, and to make new friends in a big world out here. I prefer a 55 plus community, because it will be among those who are in my older age group. Can I find one that is affordable and comfortable for me I hope so. I would love a condominium type place no outside maintenance and affordable to live in. Time will tell where i land as I search each days listings in Zillow and Redfin here in Massachusetts. Comfort and safety is what I want and i hope to find it soon. Only God and Fate and Destiny will tell me next.

As time goes by I am sitting here and my mind goes back over my life so far and i wonder at times, what would have been had I made different decisions or choices. In the end I look back and go nope, I made the right ones, because I am still here at 66, and doing ok. The hardest part of my life was when my wife died last August and in my younger days, when I was given away to the State for care for two years. I know I had no choices in either case, I couldn’t stop either, and had to live with it all the best I could. So, I made choices yes, after those, but, they were good ones.

My first marriage I tried to make work, and did for ten years, but it didn’t end due to me, she requested a divorce based on lies and false bullshit. So I gave her what she wanted. Never argue with someone who says they want a divorce if it reaches that stage just leave.

My second marriage was a great decision on my part and I loved my wife and still do now, almost six months after her death, which devastated me. O am slowly recovering, but I will always love and miss her,

MY decisions in my younger days of joining the service I shall never regret. I grew up in The service, was taught discipline in the service and a work ethic and did well for my time in. I served a total of sixteen years doing what I could for Uncle Sam. I do not have any regrets there and I would recommend to any young man or woman of you need direction go military.

Each step along my life i have worked overtime to not be a burden to anyone, not harm anyone and to support and care for all the people I have loved or been family and friends with. I have always served in one way or another, believe it or not. I usually think very little about myself in any way other my health and safety. I don’t ever think of myself as better than anyone else, I am what I called myself all my life an ordinary man, just getting by.

It’s how my life has always gone, now I have to pull myself together, finish selling my home i had for 28 years with my deceased wife, and find a way to live out the rest of my own life in comfort and peace. I am searching, looking and hoping for a comfortable, safe place for me and to be able to enjoy myself as I go on, to my own ending, I am now 66. Hopefully the good Lord and fate and destiny will allow me to enjoy my senior years, time shall tell.

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