My thoughts for today!

February 2022 has arrived folks. The Temperatures are low! The way I look at it I have lived through 66 cold winters as it is now, so another I can handle I think.

Let’s discuss Donald J. Trump Former President, who this weekend openly admitted he incited the riot/ insurrection at The Capital on January 6th, 2021 and is standing up and speaking out about it all and says his Vice President, Pence could overturn the election results. Plus he is talking about running for reelection in 2024.

First due to his own admissions in open statements on the news and in rallys he is holding, he is guilty of sedition against the United States of America and that my friends is Treason. He should be fully charged and prosecuted and in the end lose all his benefits and be banned from running for public office forever more. Congress must act against Trump as is the State and City of New York, Ny, and Atlanta, Georgia currently. The January 6th, committee is working hard uncovering evidence everyday and they have received all the documents they can pertaining so far to the event and Trump’s actions and words.

They are calling witnesses left and right that worked for and with Vice president Pence, an dthe threats he was under on January 6th, and how he escaped damage to himself, and I am sure they will follow that trail too. They will call Giuliani and other members of Trump’s family and Administration too. Now I ask you, do you really believe Trump had the right to try to overturn a legal election by trying to file false electoral votes, and tearing up official papers to hide them and throwing them away and so much more. Congress both houses, should vote to ban him from public office and remove all benefits he has including his pension period. He is a danger to American Democracy and the Republic and our way of life under the Constitution.

The Vice President of the United States does not have any grounds. or rights under any laws in America or the Constitution to over turn any election results. Vice President Pence knew it and he even investigated it and found out it is the truth, he could do nothing. And when he told Trump that, Trump went out and incited the riot/ insurrection and used Pence as a target almost getting him killed. people chanting KIll MIke Pence, Hang Mike Pence for hours is not a lie it happened live for all of us to see on Television folks, no denying it. Gallows were assembled in case they caught him!

I love my country, I do I served it for sixteen years and gave up my time and health to do so. So let me say this, anyone backing Trump, and his efforts to overturn any election, deserves to be in prison. If you participated in the January 6th riot/ insurrection you deserve pay for what you did, in prison time, and fines to repay the people and government for the damages to the capital and it’s buildings.

If you or I stood and told people to march on the capital and people did it, we would have been in prison long ago. So why is Donald J. Trump allowed to stay free and not being charged? Why is he allowed to speak publically and ask his followers to hold protests all over the country, where he is under investigation for all he did, threatening the officials and cities investigating him for lal he did. These are open threats by a former President against those investigating him. Why is it being allowed? You tell me? I believe honesty Trump is 100 percent guilty of all of it and I believe he should lose his Presidential Pension and benefits and be banned from ever holding public office in his lifetime. Congress should remove the threat to our nation, from Trump forever!

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