10 Days from the Super Bowl folks!

February 2022 is upon us and it looks like Mother Nature does not like us here on the Northeast coast of the United States. We got hit with a Nor’easter and about 5 feet of snow first. Now a week later we are being threatened by a second snow storm coming in again tomorrow. Why don’t we take better care of our planet and it’s ecosystems and stop polluting and stripping it of everything needed to keep the planet going. No wonder the planet is giving all of us weather we can barely handle!

Anyway, each day is one day at a time for me as I work to try to put together a new life for myself after my wife’s death. Hopefully all will be fine and I can live in peace and comfort in my elderly years now.

Well, we are now 10 days from the Super Bowl. The Cincinnati Bengals who were a low possibility to get to the Super Bowl are there for the first time in 31 years folks. Their young talented players showed up so far in their playoff games, to get to the big one. Can Joe Burrow and Jamar Chase and gang find a way to win, that is gonna be the big question for many fans.

The L.A. Rams, are definitely the favorites in the big game. They have one hell of a defense and of course many offensive weapons and Stafford, who Detroit gave up. Stafford has decent numbers and seems to stand in there when needed and do his job. Aaron Donald is a defensive force and a half and very disrupting to the opponents offensive plans for sure. Put the picture together and I am sure the Odds Makers are favoriting the Ram by at least 14 in the game. It could turn out to be a lopsided game for sure.

That said, how do you think the Bengals have any chance in The Super Bowl this time around? They will have to get to Stafford, reduce the amount of time the Rams have the ball. Keep Stafford and the Rams Offense off the field as much as possible. The Bengals will also need to get turnovers, without, they have no chance here against the Rams, as I see it.

If i were a betting man, and I am not folks I would definitely take the Rams in this game, and secondly even if I bet on the Bengals in this game as the underdog, I would not bet money, more than I can give up without hurting my family or myself financially. Just don’t do it folks!

As a fan of The NFL and it’s league and games , I love watching them every year, I have never been one to bet on any sports games of any kind. The Reason is simple, I have seen many around me do so, and lose and end up hurting for a long time because of it. Don’t do it folks, scream yell, enjoy the game, but keep your money safe, don’t throw it away to the bookies or betting establishments. It’s not worth going broke or into debt, and hurting the loved ones you have and losing what you do have, over a ball game.

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