I am like the Bengals, trying to buck the odds!

The year of 2022 seems to be moving pretty fast for me. It is one event or happening after another as I try to move forward to a life by myself. Sometimes it can get pretty crazy, due to what is necessary for me to do.

Sadly, I do have to go on alone at this time, my wife god bless her, is now passed. Many have asked me how I have handled it so far, well I do cry sometimes and no one sees me and when I do go out for fun, I tend to try to forget and move on. The mind needs to be entertained or kept active in the present, so it does not go back to the past memories on me. I suppose and can guess most who lose a spouse go through the same thing. Somehow we all manage to survive it and carry-on, it is now where I am at.

Next up, lets discuss the Super Bowl Contest coming up on the 13th, of this month. The biggest surprise is of course the CIncinnati Bengals. They surprised every team they beat to get to the Super Bowl and showed they area power in the NFL this year. From, Joe Burrows the second year Quarterback to the defense that showed they can stop teams and cause turnovers, the Bengals have impressed for sure. Yes they are certainly asurprising team and in the end they enter this game an underdog for sure.

The LA. Rams, have been a good team all season long and a powerhouse on both sides of the ball. They can run the ball and throw it safely with Stafford at the helm of their offense. Their defense led by Aaron Donald is so fast and powerful, it will be hard to slow them, from getting to Burrow. The have a full package of offensive and defensive weapons for sure. So how does this Super Bowl play out between these two teams?

Keys to this game are as follows as I see it. 1) If thr Bengals can stop the Rams from a fast Offensive start and hold them to 3 and out the first two times in this game they may have a shot here. The Rams are a quick start team and you have to be ready to quash their running game and find a way to sack Stafford. If The Bengals can’t keep Stafford and the offense off the field as much as possible the Rams will blow them out. If The Bengals defense stops the Ram from coming out fast, it will be a totally different game.

Now, like many NFL Fans out there, we all pick who we like in Super Bowls, before we watch them. So, to pick a winner here, by what team is the more powerful team, a simple pick would be the LA Rams. I am sure all the Oddsmakers and bookies and betting establishment have The Rams by at least 14 maybe even 21 points in this game. Yet they put out a 4 point difference to the Rams for betting purposes. Funny how they do that isn’t it?

Since I do not bet, and won’t risk losing money and a football game or any sports event of game, I love to watch them. In my view I have always backed the underdogs. In this case i will too, I want to see the Bengals win one, if they can. Any team who hasn’t gotten to the Superbowl in 31 years needs backing and support is all. So, I shall root for the Bengals and Joe Burrow knowing the odds are against them, but it’s fun to do.

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