7th of February for me! Super Bowl Coming!

7th of February 2022, the cold weather is still with us in New England of course here, although we all are looking forward to a warm spring.

Yesterday, I watched parts of the NFL Pro-Bowl like many NFL fans did I am sure, it is not what it used to be for sure. It is now played in such a way as to avoid all injuries to players and that is understandable of course.

Next, up for me is the Super Bowl I like to watch each year no matter who is in it, it’s like a yearly celebration game for me. I always back the underdogs, why, because it is nice to see a loser become a winner as fast as possible. This year is sure fired I back the underdog game, for me. The Bengals haven’t won a Superbowl and this is the first time in 31 years that they even got in the playoffs. Been a long time since anyone has mentioned the Bengals in anyway in the playoffs and I think that is great for their fans and them too. As to the results of the Super Bowl this year, well, time shall tell, of course.

The odds makers have the Rams as the favorites no doubt about it here. The Rams are a powerhouse team, built to move fast on offense and defense. Both sides of the ball as I see it favors the Rams. The addition of Stafford as their Quarterback gave the Rams stability there. They have running backs and great receivers also, and of course a great tight end.

The Bengals are mostly an unknown commodity to me, Burrow as a Second year Quarterback is doing fantastic indeed to be in this game. He shows poise, and determination, doesn’t rattle easily and makes some great throws/ passes. The running game with MIxon is ok, but they will have to pick it up in the Super Bowl and keep the ball as much as possible in this game. They need to find a way to keep possession away from that Rams offense. Can they do so, I don’t know, I can only say how I see it.

Will I pick a winner in this game, no I won’t, because I have been watching Super Bowls for lets see close to most of them. In many cases upsets happen and it can be unpredictable, due to so many factors, from the players and injuries, to coaching decisions and adjustments for each quarter as it is played. Then you have to factor in the Officials too, and you get mistakes from them also. So I hope if there is a close call, they do instant replay to get it right.

I still remember the heavily favored Baltimore Colts vs the New Jets. How big and bad the Colts were and how they were favored by such a large spread and the Jets came in and beat them. So, as we watch the Super Bowl this year, I can still back the underdog in the Bengals for fun and enjoy the game fully no matter who wins in the end.

Get some chips, dips, drinks and a comfy seat folks, we are now 6 days away from Super Bowl 56, so be ready ahead of time! While many will be crazy over the game itself, it is important that no matter who wins here it is not life or death, it is a sporting contest. Don’t over bet, stay within what you can pay out, don’t bet above what you can afford! And in the end, do yourself a favor whether you bet or not, remember, it is a sporting contest, anything can happen in it.

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