This is not normal political recourse!

Ok, a new day is dawning once again! It seems we in the United States have a problem and many are too gullible or don’t pay enough attention to the facts in the world and about people in general. Many become blind loyalists and no matter what you do, even if you were to smack them with a hammer, they wouldn’t listen to facts and reason. Now, I only mean that in a non-physical way of course, but, when you try to change someone’s opinions, and they don’t get it you have one choice left and that is to let them be.

Case in point, Donald J. Trump, ex-President,, twice impeached, he has failed before he was elected President at so many things, people seem to ignore them all. He failed at selling steaks, water, creating a Trump University, and much more. He cheated I don’t know how many contractors are out of their money, it’s crazy. He’s been sued for so many things it would fill a notebook of large proportions. Yet, people voted him in for a four-year term as President, why? The man swindles contractors and the people of his own home state of New York dislike him severely. So tell me why do Americans, want to allow him to be President again? I can’t see it, folks.

As President all Trump ever got done was the passing of his tax plan to help himself and his rich cronies. He did nothing else right at all while in office. He failed in Korea and in Russia, he did not build the wall he promised, either. So please tell me why people are backing this man Trump!

I remind you he is a twice Impeached President in one term in office, he bungled coronavirus, asked if we could inject bleach into people’s veins to kill the virus too. That’s not logical folks and some kids almost did it too, luckily the bottle has a warning on it.

Trump refuses to this day to admit defeat in the 2020 Presidential Election, the proof is right in the open how he tried to rig the electoral college votes and more. He used a plan to change the votes by putting his own in place. America wake up please, this man needs to be stopped!

Because he could not change the electoral votes as he tried to, he then stages a rally on Capitol Grounds calling for Qanon, the Proud Boys, and others to storm the capitol, and stands back and watches as they build a gallows to hang Mike Pence his Vice President. he watches as they destroy government property, threatening Senators and Representatives and laughs. People go to him and tell him he must act and say something to stop it all, and he lets it go on for hours. That’s not a patriot folks, that’s not a real President.

When he finally leaves office he takes several boxes of Presidential Papers with him to Mar a Lago, after tearing up many in office too. The Government has to go get them back from him because they belong to the American People and go in the Archives. Trump took the documents for himself, for what to hide the proof of his involvement of course. I remind all, no American President has fought to stay in Office in this manner before and we have always had a peaceful transition of power in America. No President has ever tried to cheat and change electoral votes in any way in American History except Donald J. Trump. Stop and think about that folks, he was the 45th President, and none before or since would have even thought of doing so or attempted it. Doesn’t that tell you something about this situation we in America now find ourselves in today?

I have heard many still walking around spewing The Election was stolen from Trump. It wasn’t folks, he lost big time because he failed to accomplish a damn thing he promised. He lost by a very wide popular vote margin of over 80 million votes, and the same electoral college margin that Hillary Clinton lost to him in 2016. Hillary Clinton didn’t stand up and cry about it all, she accepted the vote and graciously conceded. The numbers were worse for the 2020 Election because Trump failed as President period. His failures have followed him around forever now.

Congress, both sides, The House and Senate, must use the laws of the land and the Constitution to ban Donald J. Trump from ever running for a public office again in America. He should never be allowed to run for a public office, especially the presidency ever again, and he should face criminal charges for all he has done and incited and took part in. Why should he be treated any different than you or I, I ask, doesn’t the law apply to all of us, including him?

He should lose his Presidential Protection, his Pension, and all benefits too. He instigated, incited, and led a revolt against his own country, can’t people in America see just how dangerous this man is? His rhetoric and words today in his speeches, still are inflammatory and angry, and still, he is trying to fire up people to join his cause, he has to be stopped. This is not normal political recourse folks, this is an angry man, who wants revenge and to get it in any way he can. Congress as a whole needs to ban him from any public office period and especially the Presidency.

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