Time shall tell is all I can say.

On February 9th, yesterday I went to the Veteran’s Hospital in Boston for the first time. I was trying to transfer my care for all areas I am covered in up here. I had to get tested for covid before any Doctor would see me and well surprise, surprise the test came back positive. I am now a person who has covid in America and as one person told me, all will probably get it. The symptoms I had were no more than a sinus drip into my throat and an achy body. I didn’t even think I had it at all, yet I do. A second test was taken and sent into the lab and I will be called with the results in a few days I am told.

In the meantime I am now staying in one room and away from all people. I may have got it from someone, but I refuse to be the one passing it around much at all. I wear a mask when I go near anyone now or even in the same room with anyone. I take decongestion pills, and my regular pills also. I suffer from other medical problems too, like diabetes, and blood pressure problems so I have to stay safe and fight his through. Each day has been a fight to keep going since my wife passed, this is now just another hoop to jump through and survive I gather. Seems, these days everything isn’t going easy for me at all.

In the meantime I am currently selling the old home I had with my wife who passed, trying to buy a new place to move into after I have emptied the old one. Sell this, sell that, pay the bills, fix the old house for closing. One thing after another, it seems to keep popping up and getting in my way. I will press on and be persistent of course, I really have no choice, right now.

I have said this before in blogs and I will say it again, every day is an adventure and a fight o survive when you get to your sixties folks. As we age the mind stays clear for most of us unless we face mental illness of some kind or things like cancer like my wife had. I am also a cancer victim myself so I have to be careful about covid that I now have, I have a lobe and a third less in lungs than anyone else. BUt surviving and fighting my way through it all is what I shall do.

I have said it before I am attempting to survive my wife’s death and to move forward with my own in any way I can. Finding a place I can live in comfort, make new friends and stay healthy, and have some fun will not be easy, but, I shall do it. I just want to be comfortable, to live in peace. I will have to file taxes of course this year in the near future also since no taxes were for the last two years by my wife. One thing after another keeps popping up for sure. Will I find peace and comfort and be able to enjoy the end of my life as I go forward, time shall tell is all I can say.

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