February 11th, 2022 is underway!

February 11th, 2022, I have had covid-19 now, how I got it, or where I have no idea really just that I have. According to the doctors I saw at the Veteran’s Hospital in Boston my case is not very different than many others they see. We don’t even know we have it, and our symptoms are very lite as in my case here. So, I do not feel alone in the fact I have had covid-19, as one person told me, it looks like all will get it at least once and maybe more times. Variants keep coming and in the end, we will build immunity to it, at 66 I am scared of having it, but it is receding and I am fine right now.

The funny thing is I don’t go out much and the times I do are few and far between these days. Others go to taverns and bars and more two sometimes three of four a week and they don’t get it it seems to me. Maybe it is my age and conditions, or maybe some hide the fact they have it, but the facts are the facts with me.

Anyway, in two days, the Super Bowl will happen once again. Two teams will clash for the honor of being dubbed Super Bowl Champions of the National Football League, World Champions they call them.

The Underdog is who I will root for in this Superbowl 56, I always root for the underdogs, and in this case, The Cincinnati Bengals are it. While I know the odds are against them in many ways, it is nice to see a different team that hasn’t won a Superbowl make one and I wish them the best for sure. Can the Bengals win it, you never know on any given day do you, upsets do happen.

Against a team like the L.A Rams, I am not sure the Bengals even have a chance. The Rams have a high-powered Offense and a high-powered defense too. Can they beat, yes, but that is not the question is it, folks, it’s really can The Bengals pull off the upset? I like watching these games and wondering as they go along if they will be competitive or not. In this case, the only way it is worth watching is if, in some way, the Bengal’s defense can stop the Ram”s offense in my book. The Rams are a quick-start club that scores early and they keep going. The only way to stop the Rams is to stop their running game and bottle up Stafford and get to him.

How will Joe Burrow and the Bengal’s offense attack the Ram’s defense is another question here? We shall see if they can come up with an attack plan that can keep them in this game. Now, I am an NFL fan from way back in my youth and I will say this now if this game becomes lopsided and way out of any chance of the Bengals winning, people will turn it off quickly. No, real, football fan likes a blowout game! Lopsided contests become boring and not worth the time to watch really and fans like to see close games. So, I will await the Superbowl game like many fans and cheer for the underdogs and hope to see a decent contest.

OK next, subject, the Trump fiasco continues in America only because we the American people allow it to. We all know what Donald J. Trump is now and we all laugh at it and give him leeway and ignore the laws he broke, and let him get away with it all. It’s been that way for most of his adult life and definitely during his Presidency too and since. Why do we the American People allow him to do all he does and still go out and rile up crowds and cause problems as he is? He is being investigated for January 6th, tax fraud, and so much more yet he is still walking free, why? He takes Presidential papers home, he tears them up and flushes them, and gets away with it all, are you serious here? Look, I have never been a Trump Supporter and I shall never be one in any way. He failed at everything he ever tried or touched, he is a walking disaster zone, just waiting to explode. So why does he have so many supporters still after all he has done? Someone tell me why anyone would back Trump now!

I hear the excuses of Biden isn’t doing well in office, he’s old, it’s true and I won’t deny it, in my opinion, yet, there is no excuse for all that Trump did against his own government and while in office. Look, no one man can clean up the Government or what’s wrong with the economy folks, Congress has to help here. So, time will tell with Biden, but, there is absolutely no way, Donald J. Trump should be allowed anywhere near the public, office again! He is a danger to Democracy, the Republic we live in, and our way of life period.

I suggest and ask Congress and both main parties to get together and bring in independents too and ban Donald J. Trump from ever holding public office in America now. Donald Trump should be banned from public office, his pension and benefits and security removed from him and he should be charged for all he did in the Insurrection on January 6th, 2021. If he isn’t charged or banned it can happen again, let’s not let it. Call your Representative, your Senator, tell them, Ban Donald J. Trump, from holding any office, push for the removal of his pension, his benefits, and security, he is rich anyway and doesn’t need it. Plus in my book, he is one of the biggest con men and criminals in American Political History. He brought Qanon, The Proud Boys, and more to Washington at his request, they destroyed the capital and attacked the government, if you allow him to do it again you deserve what you get is what I will say, which will probably be an authoritarian government or a tyrant in the White House. Are we still a democracy and republic or will we lose it to a man like Trump? You Tell Me!

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