Congress Must Act to Ban Donald J. Trump from Public Office

Extreme-Adjective. excessive, immoderate, inordinate, extravagant, exorbitant, extreme mean going beyond a normal limit. excessive implies an amount or degree too great to be reasonable or acceptable. Now, understanding, this definition should be easy for many, of all political parties, yet some do not get it.

I am not a political person really, so I do not stand behind the democrats or republicans or independents 100 percent here in the USA. What I do not like is the extremist of the parties and how far they will go to either to the left or right side. Extreme views and pushing extreme ideas and policies are sad, and dangerous for all Americans to see and hear. Why can’t people be democrat or republican or even independent and not go so far extreme?

Some ideas I get are pitched because people have thoughts and want to voice them loudly and proudly and get others involved. The question becomes why are some so extreme and what is their point in being so. Is there a problem with being moderate in the USA?

I don’t care which political affiliation you are, I do care when you push extreme ideas and policies and incite riots or displays of violence on the American People and their government. I don’t like turning on my television and witness, murder, mayhem, madness, and more.

What took place on January 6th, 2021, was one man who was President, trying to stay in office even though he lost the election by large numbers in the electoral college and the popular vote. So what did he do, he incited his followers to attack the USA capital, destroy the property of the people and go after duly elected officials just doing their jobs. Why, because he believes he knows better than the American People and wanted to stay in power.

It has now been well over a year since Donald J. Trump incited and directed members of certain organizations to attack the capital. He walked away from the White House and the Presidency, and still defied the laws of the United States and took files and records home with him that belong to the United States. That’s extreme and dangerous to our nation.

Donald J. Trump I will remind all now, failed at everything he touched in his life, this man couldn’t sell education, steaks, water, and other products. He failed to build the wall on the southern border and anything else he tried to do. The South Korean President laughed at him, Putin laughed at him and now Trump is backing Putin’s move on Ukraine too. Sad. Extreme is a definition and word that should be used to describe Donald J. Trump, his ideas, ideologies, his actions, are all extreme. Anyone not knowing or seeing it is a blind loyalist of his and will never admit why they follow him.

I had a discussion once in a Doctor’s waiting room with a blind Trump Loyalist one day. I asked the person to name something Trump did in office that was good for America. His response was he built a wall on the border and did his tax plan. I then explained to the person, 1) The wall was never finished and won’t be ever. 2) The tax plan Trump created and passed did not affect the average American citizen, it was written for him and the rich period, now tell me what he accomplished and how good Trump was. The room went silent and the man did not answer me ever.

I remind all, there were zero accomplishments during Trump’s four years as President. He was impeached twice in four years and no President in history has ever been before or since. Trump incited the riot, is being sued for rape, illegal business operations, tax fraud, and more. Donald Trump, stole documents, ripped up documents and disposed of documents during his Presidency, and flushed them down toilets to hide facts. It is a sad state of mind, in my opinion for anyone to back Trump for a return to the Presidency! Donald J. Trump needs to be charged and convicted and put in prison for all he has done illegally in America.

I think Americans need to wake up and make changes and not back Donald J. trump for anything ever again. I think Trump should be indicted, charged, and tried for each crime he has done. Anyone who supported Trump, as his follower or lawyer or relative should also be looked into, charged, and convicted too. What I can’t believe today in America is, we the American People, are paying a man who was the worst President in American history, who led an insurrection against his own country while president, and was twice impeached, a pension, and full benefits? Why? Donald J. Trump needs to lose all benefits, pensions, medical care he garnered as President, for he fought against his own country, creating the Insurrection. Who is paying to repair the capitol buildings, windows, the clean-up, the items that were destroyed that January 6th or 2021? What American President has ever called for his own Vice President to overturn an election, and then sat back and watched as people he sent to the capital, try to chase down his Vice president and try to hang him? He let these people build gallows on the Capital Grounds to hang Pence with! What American President does this shit, folks, one Donald J. Trump! Yet you go to stores or a public place, and still people back this man for a second run for the Presidency, what is wrong with them, please tell me. Donald J. Trump needs charged, convicted, prison time, and to be stripped of all benefits, pension, and anything he gathered while President. Donald J. Trump should be constitutionally banned from ever holding public office in the United States again, stripped of all pensions, benefits from the Presidency. He should have to face a trial and charges for all he has done.

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