Americans need to realize !

February 24th is here folks, and the weather has been warm to cold and back and forth like crazy lately. Half a world away Russia is invading and attacking Ukraine. The American Economy is hurting, trucking can’t operate due to gas prices rising constantly. Politics in America is like the wreck of the Fitzgerald frankly a damn mess. Yet, life goes on daily, and somehow, we Americans keep going so that is a plus for us and the world too.

At some point Americans need to wake up to the fact, we shall never have another generation like we had in the 1950;s and 1960s. We had manufacturing, we had the best cars around, we had music and food and, people worked jobs, earned good wages for those days, and somehow like my parents did, they worked two jobs and took care of themselves and their children. Kids had food and shelter and went to school daily and learned. What happened to the America of the 1950s and 1960’s generations? What happened to the pride of Americans, The United States led the world in all areas that were important back then, now we lack the ability to lead in any way needed. Where did the pride go in American industry?

As the world is facing war now happening, and people dying of covid and more, we seem to be lackadaisical in our response to all that happens. We seem to accept things happening and let them, and I tend to wonder, when will the United States, stand up and say no to it all, and work to change it, and grow a backbone again?

No, I am not advocating we enter a war, I don’t want war for anyone on this planet, it’s nasty, deadly and innocents die. Yet the aggression from Russia and Putin must be stopped and Ukraine has a right to exist as a nation of its own. So what can we Americans do to help them and stop Russia? I don’t know myself, for sanctions alone will not stop Putin or Russia.

Then we have the political turmoil in our own country, the two major parties at one another’s throats, disagreeing on every single bill or law and locking the country in a dead stall, no progress being made at all. Common sense says, that American people control our own country, we are a democracy and a republic, yet we have failed ourselves, by electing fools to office, they have no ideas and they are controlling what happens and doesn’t happen in such a way, as to stop any progress at all. Why?

I hate to inform the American People, that under the current setup, in politics here, we screwed ourselves by dividing the government between the two parties the way we did. We the people did it and we the people must undo it too. I don’t think the American People realized how bad this was going to get politically for all of us, and what effect it was going to have on our laws, economy, job market, and more. Too many Americans just went off and voted the way they did out of anger and did not use common sense. In the end, we are stalled as a country, and that my friends sucks, for, we shall suffer if we don’t change it soon. America being at a dead standstill is bad for us all and the world too, if we the American People can’t see that by now, we have a serious problem.

I love my country folks, I served her for 16 years until I was injured in the line of duty and could not anymore. I hate seeing the country I served in this condition and politicians running their mouths against each other, and not a damn thing getting done for the American people or our stature in the world. We are beginning to look like fools, big time now.

Let me say this, I see some still backing Donald J. Trump. If you are you are backing a criminal, and the worst President in American history, twice impeached in one four-year term. He did nothing for America in his term except attempt to build a wall on our southern border, failed. He passed a tax law/ bill that protected himself and his rich cronies. Then he failed to handle covid, looked like a fool in Russia with Putin, looked like a fool in South Korea with Kim too. Then he refused to accept the facts and numbers of a legal and proper election, that he lost by the same numbers or worse than Hillary Clinton lost to him in 2016. So, what did he do, he set up sedition and insurrection against his own government and country. Why so, he can stay in power is why and he failed at that too, I remind you. Stop backing Trump people, listen to me, you backing a losing horse and a dead one at this point. He has so many civil and legal cases against him, the American People will never elect him as president again, no way in hell.

What we need to do as Americans, is put ourselves together, clean up Congress, and elect someone in each office that will compromise, whether it is in the Senate, The House, or Presidency. Those who will not compromise for the good of our nation, the country, should be voted out of office as soon as possible. We need people who listen and make sense, not just sit and refuse to work matters out. Incumbents who have been in office too long need to go, term limits need to be reset for the Senate and House. The old warhorses of the Senate and the House must be replaced by new blood and new ideas must come about in order for America to survive once more. We are now lagging behind in too many areas because of this non-compromising attitude.

In the end, let me say this, I miss the America we had in the ’50s. 60’s and 70s. I miss the men and women who were in office back then, they at least understood the word compromise and the phrase, For The Good of The American People. The ones in Office today only think of what’s good for themselves, not you or I, the average American citizen.

Americans need to realize, they still control America’s destiny, and at this time it is failing and falling apart, we are the only ones who can change it for the better at the ballot boxes on election days. If we don’t the road we are traveling down will lead to the fall of the American Republic and democracy as a way of life.

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