Putin’s Ukraine Attack must be stopped!

Good Morning to all. It’s Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022, and the world is in turmoil once more, due to the Russian attack on Ukraine. Russian forces are advancing across Ukraine and no one is doing a damn thing to stop them. What is Russia’s want with Ukraine really besides, Putin wanting it, to re-expand Russian borders to where they were before the collapse of the USSR. Or to make sure he has full access to the Black Sea? Is there something else for a reason for his aggression toward Ukraine? Do we really know why Putin and his Russian forces are doing this? Does anyone really understand Putin at all?

The Russian monetary system will now grind to a halt due to worldwide sanctions, from the United States and all Allies. The Russian ruble is now worthless on the open market, and the Russian people will suffer for Putin’s advances and his aggression as well as Ukraine’s, that he is attacking here. IT has been a long time since World War 2 folks and Europe had a hard time recovering back then and it will be that way again, I am sure this time around. World War 2 ended in 1945 folks, and it’s been 77 years since such an attack has happened. So why now is the real question is what I say, why Putin, what’s so important in Ukraine, that you need to take the whole country?

I don’t know for sure what itis Putin wants in Ukraine, but, I do know, he is targetting certain areas, one area is to topple the current government there and put in his own man, and the second seems to be the disaster area of the Chernobyl nuclear property which is contaminated, plus any entries into the Black Sea. While all of the above are the reasons for his aggression and attack on Ukraine, none of it is a reason to kill women, children, and people in general on the streets. Innocents are dying as the Russians advance across Ukraine, destroying a country and its right to freedom, Putin should be declared a War Criminal just like those before him Stalin, Hitler, and more. The world is teetering on World War 3 happening because of this situation and Putin is threatening to use nukes if anyone interferes here. As we all know if nukes are fired, the world becomes a disastrous place to live in for all of mankind. The fallout and contamination alone would isolate large areas of the world from mankind, kill off animals, plants and humans.

Every action that can be taken by allies of Ukraine, should be taken to isolate Russia, Putin, in every way possible. Can anything be done to stop his advancing into Ukraine, I don’t know the answer for sure, but, I do know he more than likely will not stop at Ukraine. At this point, many must wonder what NATO countries, NATO itself are doing now. I would hope they are preparing for war as most of the world is too. At some point, Putin must be declared a War Criminal for his attack and at some point, his aggressive thrust into Ukraine must be opposed by more. Even Putin must know, it will come at some point to a head where the free world outside of Russia will react and fight back. The only question that remains is how soon and in what way, it will do so.

I pity Ukraine at this point in time, and its people for they enjoyed freedom for too short a time. They deserve the same rights as all humanity to live in peace in their own country. If you agree with me, tell your Senators, your Representatives, and yes even the President, let’s support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian Agreesor that is Putin. At some point, the economical and financial hurt put on the Russian people by Putin will affect them and they will have to react and stop his war on Ukraine. Already cracks are showing as Russians protest his war against Ukraine and speak out and protest against him on Russian streets. Will Putin survive this or will the Russians say enough and one day he will be gone, taken out by one of his own. Time shall tell!

As time goes on, the world will have no choice but to move forward. We all know it is one day at a time for all of us no matter where we live and what country we live in or under what type of government either. There will come a time when the free world will tire of Putin and there will be no place he can hide even in Russia, just as Hitler could not hide in Germany in World War 2. I believe the Russian people want to live in peace and leave Ukraine alone, but Putin will not stop until someone stops him. Who it will be is as good a question as to who worked to stop Hitler in World War 2. It could be one assasion, it could be one country, it could be a country that rises up, or it could be a Russian with enough gall and courage who says, no more. You tell me, folks. One thing is for certain someone, some country, or some groups of countries has to stop him!

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