Debates, Arguments, and Today’s World

Debates, Arguments, and more have existed since the beginning of humankind on earth. Cavemen and women have argued and fought over food, superiority, and more from day one including territory and land, and properties. These debates, have made or broken nations, leaders, and men and women or built them up, depending on which way the results went for each of them.

Some of the recent things that have occurred in the world include things like Presidential Leaders, Elections, leaders who go after other countries for personal or political gain and so much more. The Trump Presidency is one of those because it affected the United States, the way we run our country, the way the laws will be read, and the way we interact with other nations for many decades to come. The internal repercussions are hard to take when an American President attempts to stay in office, by any means possible, even when he was land-sided and beaten fully in a fair election. I remind all, The 2020 Presidential cycle Election went against Donald J. Trump by numbers worse than he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. The funny thing is this folks, Trump led an insurrection against his own Government, trying to stay in power as the President. He told everyone there at the capital to March on the Capitol, to be there that day, he called them in to do so. Yet he is a free man today, walking and talking like he will run for re-election for the Presidency, and collected a pension and full security, and medical and dental benefits, and having a good time doing so. I personally do not believe Donald J. Trump should have any benefits from the presidency, he should have zero security also. Donald J. Trump in my opinion did what no one has ever done and all are letting him walk away and do as he pleases. He deserves no benefits, no ability to run for public office at all. Congress should ban him from running for public office ever again in the United States and I hope it will happen soon.

Other debates come into play when we talk about mankind’s struggles to survive on this planet, People are dying in Ukraine, it is now the biggest War Zone in Europe since World War 2. Women, children all dying, from a Russian Assualt with no real reason for it happening, other than Putin’s feelings of insecurity. Even the Russian People don’t want what Putin is doing, in his aggression against Ukraine, and the world watches. Sanctions will not work, what will work is if the Russians as a people, decide Putin must go. Putin is driving this war as his own people protest against him doing so daily on his own streets. The Russian people will suffer the ruble is worthless on the open market now and hunger will happen for what reason, is what the Russians will want to know. The reasoning better be, good enough that Putin gives, or the Russians will attempt to take him out of power. I hope that happens very soon.

The world is a mean place these days folks and it is getting worse daily for many of us in America and the world in general. We all want to work to better conditions, make food plentiful and live independent lives in freedom, yet we don’t stop to think when we run to Vote or Elect officials do we? Americans have failed to stop and think before voting or casting their votes on an emotional basis instead of a logical one. Emotions seem to be overcoming common sense and logic, and that my friends, is bad for the United States and the world in general. I hope and pray as time goes forward, that Americans will wake up, see the light at the end of the tunnel so to say, and realize unless we make better decisions when we vote, we are destroying our own way of life, liberty, freedom and the republic we were given when our nation came into being.

Many will say, I am wrong and that is ok, but I still believe in liberty, justice, freedom of speech, and more for all people. I still believe Ben Franklin was correct when he said ” We have created a Republic here in America and we shall have it only as long as we protect and defend it.” We tend to forget history and many are not being taught what the Founding Fathers did or how they did it or Why.

If we forget our history and allow outside events or inside events caused by politicians and other countries to do what they want and affect us, it is our own fault. I remind all, this America, the United States, was created to form a more perfect union, for freedoms, liberty, and justice for all. If we the American People do not stop those out to destroy what we have and enjoy, then our losing it will be our own fault, no one else’s. The fault will be on all Americans, not just a few, the majority rule is in place for a good reason in America. Remember also please, We fought not only a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, two World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, trying to keep our principles of freedom and rights for all. We tend to reach out and help each nation we can along the way, yet we still have our own inner struggles in America.

Let me finish this today by saying this to all who wish to read my Blog, or who may disagree or agree with me, freedom of speech is a right all have here in America. Secondly, if you disagree with my opinions, thoughts ideas, you have the same rights as I. I would never stop anyone from speaking out, saying what they wish, as long as it is done in a non-violent and peaceful manner. I served my country to keep those I love safe, I would never take anyone’s rights away period. If you disagree with my blogs, thoughts or ideas, or opinions that is fine. If you agree that is fine also, if you wish to reply that is fine too as long as all are respectful I am fine. God Bless ALL

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