Time, Time, Time, Is telling me a Story!

There is an old song that has a verse in it that goes: Time, Time, Time, It’s telling me a story, Peace, Peace Peace is a word that’s never heard, Truth, Truth Truth is a word that’s never heard. In today’s world, it has become a line of truth and honesty in many ways. In fact, time will continue to roll on, whether we are here or not, peace never really happens on the planet earth for we are always witnessing a war or conflict of some sort, somewhere. As to truth, it is very rare these days and people tend to hide behind lies in many ways. So as time rolls on, it seems the world runs on a lack of peace, a lack of truth and justice, and in the end, honesty is hard to find in life, countries, people, and relationships too. Politics is a scam and players’ game, governments do what they will, people make decisions based on half information or lies and the world keeps ticking along. At the end how many of us are aware enough to realize all that is happening and have the ability to filter it all out and understand the truth? You Tell me!

Some things no matter what we do in life will never change no matter how old we are, 1) the planet will still exist unless a large object takes it out. 2) Mankind will be the master creature on this planet due to its human nature to learn and adapt to its climate. 3) As time goes on we all are born and all must die, we do not control either end of that spectrum at all. 4) The sun will rise and set, and we all work on Mother Natures’ schedule. 5) Father time waits for no one and time shall tick on no matter what we do. Now taking into account all five of the above factors, of which we really have no control, what can we as human’s do?

We grow up in families that shape us for the rest of our lives. The base family you were born into, is what creates who you really are in life. We do not control certain portions of that of course, like who our parents are or were, or how they raised us, but we are the result of their handiwork so to say, and guidance. Then we reach a certain age where all decisions we make are ours on our own.

When we do we now decide where we work or what we do to make a living, what our own educational level will be, where we live, and what people we associate with. We basically form a pattern we meld into and then as we go along tend to shape it by the choices we make.

For instance do we ten to increase our education and if so how? Do we do it through just life experiences or thru furthering education once we leave high school? How about what jobs we choose, do we become factory workers, laborers, office workers, teachers, or even computer programmers or not? SO many choices right and we make those choices as influenced by parents, friends, money, and benefits. Everything we do, we try to make our life, easier, more affordable, and more comfortable for each of us as individuals. It is what we do as we go along in life and time on this planet.

When we reach a certain age, we tend to slow down, retire if possible and live life out in a peaceful way, if at all possible. We are not rich every one of us so we save and earn a retirement in some way, again if possible. In the end, we look for a place close enough to reach the ones we love, and we settle in and live till we pass from this planet. Easy pattern right and one most you will ever know shall follow I am sure. Life is basically the same, no matter your color, race, nationality, or what country you live in. We all want peace, and to live happily till we pass from the planet we live upon. Isn’t that what we are doing on this planet folks?

Aggressiveness comes into play in human beings and nations in the same way, certain factors push us that way. Greed, power plays, politics, even hate and love. All emotions can help one or kill one or kill others. We see it every day on the news and television. There are limitless television programs showing us that every day. Yet, we don’t act as individuals to stop these happenings, we stand by, witness them and we go wow, look at that. Mankind doesn’t fully understand the violence and anger in the world so we tend to walk away and not get involved. Is there anything we can do, I doubt it myself, so is it just human nature or conditions and circumstances that cause it all? I don’t know, I only know, each of us is different and we all of us, work to avoid conditions like I stated above. Not all of us are destined for peaceful endings, nor are we able to stay clear of it all, yet we persist and carry on in life because we don’t control our beginnings or our ending in life, do we?

What we do control, is only what we do each day as we go along, so do the necessities first. Then, work to improve yourself and your position in life, save money. Build a family and home and then sustain it all by working to do so. Control only what you can folks and avoid the pratt falls, or mistakes in all ways and you may reach retirement at some point. No guarantees in life though, for we all have our own fates and destinies don’t we? This is what life is about, interactions, relationships, loves, hates, greed, and caring. Stop one day and you will realize, holy shit, that’s life!

Jealousy, Greed, Hate will kill any chance for happiness you have in life. Let them take over and you are done. So live life each day, with an open mind, and wide-open eyes, steer clear of problems, and troublesome people and situations. Love, live, compromised as needed, and learn as you go, and in the end, you will be fine, hopefully, till you pass as all of us will at one time or another. Prepare the best way you can as you go, life insurance, burial insurance, and a place for you to rest are vital too. Wills, Living Trusts are made for these purposes, so be prepared. I know, I will rest in peace when I do pass, for I have made the preparations I had to, for my own demise. I only hope others do the same. So yes, Time, Time, Time is telling me a story, and I am living the story that was meant for me, no matter what I think, destiny, fate holds us all in their sway.

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