Is there to be a Resolution In Ukraine and more?

The future is not something one can predict at 66 years old, or in the climate of today’s world, not anymore. We deal daily with ups, downs, wars going on, political discord, personal discords, and yes even relationship discords and problems. Sadly, none of it can be changed, once it goes by, because human beings, can be stubborn, arrogant, childish and at other times ignorant, and then when they believe they are wronged they can be idiotic also and lock themselves into positions, never considering that what they do can harm themselves in the long run. Humans are sometimes not logical, they lose common sense, decorum, and manners if they think they have been done wrong by someone. Sadly, no one can change their mind once they get stuck in this mode, in the end, they will suffer more than the person, they are intending to either get even with or ignore because they will never know what the other side will do.

History shows us that it is true, that what we give out, we get back, and in the end, people can play the same games we can too. Here is a second fact for some to consider, people embellish, people, exaggerate and people add on to things when they retell them. Hearsay is a nasty thing, that happens in life between human beings, if you don’t believe in it, or don’t acknowledge it exists, just go to court or watch a tv program about courts. It happens in world wars, it happens in conflicts and causes conflicts where none should be also. It’s historic fact for sure, ask Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, and other world leaders, including Churchill. Modern-day examples of this hearsay and exaggeration and embellish process can be found on American Television station news programs from CNN to FOX and others. It happens daily and unless as the newscasters will tell you, you fact-check it all and get both sides, as a third-party observer you never get it all correct or know the full truth. You just hear this report and react, and in life that is dangerous, ask Adolf Hitler folks, Saddam Hussein, and others. What I am saying is a fact. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is wrong, period, people are dying on both sides.

Nowadays, people are either on one end of the political spectrum or the other and the middle ground is not to be found. You have the extreme left with its liberal views, you have the extreme right with its conservative views. Each is an extreme view and pushes to the side they favor and very few times do the two meet in the middle and solve an issue. Look at the current American Government and how it is currently in a state of non-movement on any major issue. IT is stagnating the American economy, the American political system, and we the people suffer for it. People suffer left and right, and in the end, it happens in everyday relationships in the world, each day on an individual basis, between people. It’s sad but it’s real folks.

By getting stuck in these modes people tend to not realize some facts. One fact is this, people you may be ignoring, acting out against, or treating unfairly, have knowledge of who you are, what you do, how you do it, just like you have the same of theirs. In the end, as my step-father once said, never throw rocks if you live in a glasshouse, they will break your own windows and hurt you. For you are not the only half of a given situation and the half you do like, also has ammunition that can harm you in return. Every argument and participant to it has information on the other party or can get it and hurt you back in return making it an endless situation. Once it reaches the stage where the second party you are lying about or saying did something gets tired of what you are doing to them, you better expect and be ready for payback in a major way. Anger begets anger, silence begets silence and idiot behavior begets the same in return. Endless cycles begin this way and history has shown that.

Anyway, that is the current political climate as well as for some the personal climate too, these days. In the end, unless there is compromise and some attempt to reach a peaceful status, pain, will result for both involved. Even the Allies during the World Wars, knew this as they sent thousands to fight and die for what they believed in and so did the Axis Leaders. Why, because they got so entrenched in their own, they didn’t consider the overall cost.

Recent events in my own life have taken a turn down this road also. Sadly, myself or the person in this disagreement with me, will not change their stand and it will lead to problems I am sure for the person we are both trying to protect. To prevent that from happening and to protect the one important to me, I will not push it in any way and just accept what is happening. If there is a better solution for both sides than what is happening now, it has not been examined, implemented or, used. As my Stepfather once told me, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!” I agree with what he said many years ago. Yet, I also know, in the end, if the conflict or disagreement continues the innocent will be harmed or hurt. That, I can not, and will not allow and neither should the other person involved if they care for the innocent in this situation.

At 66 years old, I am not long I think for this planet, I am in my ending stage more than likely. My parents died at 55 years old and 59 years old respectfully, I have outlived both, so I am ready when my time comes. The way I look at it, any argument or disagreement is not worth the effort to fight over nowadays. Plus, what is stupid about the argument in question is, we are both trying to protect the same individual, from harm. Sadly, maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s the other party, who doesn’t see the truth, the innocent in the middle is the victim, period. That’s how it goes really, protecting the one I love is more important to me than letting that person get hurt by another. Hate me, act out, be silly and, childish whatever you wish to be, in the end, I can take it, just don’t direct it at the innocent we both love.

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