The Darkness

The Darkness

William M/ McCurrach

March 19th, 2022

Darkness falls,

Even when the sun shines bright,

I know it is daytime and not really night.

The darkness that falls is not in reality,

It falls inside my mind, inside of me.

The will to carry on each day disappears sometimes,

I have to stop and will it back, into my mind.

Darkness comes when it is least expected,

Like a mountain, it grows and is erected,

Fighting it and climbing it is not easy,

Yet I must continue on, and on,

For as long as I can.

Even if I know, I am a depressed man.

Depression they say is normal for someone who lost a loved one,

The battle must continue, the fight must go on they say.

So I work at it, day after day.

That’s the danger of the darkness I know it is so.

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