Legacies, Memories, Maybe?

Some say they create their own legacy, some say, some of us don’t. I know for me I haven’t really tried to, yet I may have in some way.

Will my legacy be the friendships of my younger years? Will it be the days of my military life? Will it be my children from my first wife or will it be the love I shared with my second wife? Will it be, the stories I wrote, all short and not one hundred percent done correctly, will it be my poetry? I know not which or how my legacy will live or if it will, yet I know I did all I can so far. I gave all I could as a child, I did the same as a teenager too. My adulthood started early, but the choices I can say were few. I made the ones I could and tried to drive straight through, to an honest open life, no matter what anyone would do. I think I accomplished it in my own way, I may never know, but some will after my dying day.

Some want fame and money, some want power, some try to buy love and respect, and some have no idea what life is, as of yet. For me, each day is just getting by, these days. Just waking up is a treat, one sometimes, I wish did not repeat. These days I wake up in pain and discomfort, from injuries and illnesses, few even know I have. I get up early and find myself alone in a world, of pain and misery even on tv and radio it seems. I can’t change political climates or stop wars, I can’t stop murders and thieving, or scamming and cheating. Crime will rise and people will die, and one day I shall too. I understand how it works and why, and I get it, folks, we are put here on earth to accomplish certain things in life, what they are I know not, nor do you, we are not intended to know, we just must see it all through. And as I have found out now, by seeing so many pass, from this life before me, we have no choice when we come or go, we get recalled by the Lord is all I know.

I gave advice to others and it worked, and at no time did I intentionally hurt anyone I know in my life. My decisions were all based on the best options for all involved, not always in my favor either. I made decisions based on what was best for those around me and to keep others safe and sound always. I never stopped to go, what was best for me, I just did it all, and that is destiny. I survived it this long and I am sure I have a little longer to go on. How long will depend on how the final chapter of my life begins and ends next. I am old now, my body aches, but my mind is still with me for now.

Legacies, are nice to leave behind, so is money you earned for others you know. I may not have either by the time I pass, but at least they will have memories of me that last. They will know, I cared, I shared, I tried to help. They will know I was here after I go. There is no more to say is there, except one thing, once I am gone, I just want one person to smile, and have a fond memory of who I am and was. I want one person to be able to go, he was a decent person and man. That’s all I ask my friend.

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