Promises made and kept !

A long time ago, as a child, I was put in an institution by my mother. I was released two years later and brought home. When I went in I made a promise to myself, that nothing like that would happen to me ever again, I kept it. After that, I made a decision I have stuck with now all my life, if I make a promise I will always keep it and I have. If I say I will do something I do it, and that’s it. If I say to you don’t do this, or that, and it is attached to a promise, you better be listening, because I will pull back on what I promised to do too. I have no hesitation in doing so, I made the promise for a reason and nothing will change how I feel about it.

Promises I have kept have been many, some of which I can describe here and some, I can not. I promised my first wife the day I married her, I would grant her a divorce if she asked for one, without complications. I did so 12 years later when she asked me to. I promised to pay for my part of my mother and my dad’s burial also I did so, in full and in cash. I promised my second wife to follow her instructions when she was dying of no presentations, shows, or fancy stuff for her burial, I gave her exactly what she wanted a graveside burial and a headstone. I promised I would join her when I die, and the headstone has my name and birthdate on it too. So, I keep promises when I make them, no matter the cost of doing so. Recently such a promise to a loved one of mine, and I told her if something happens, she will lose out, and I promised her twice. I hope she knows what she is doing now because I don’t have to be at her home to know she did it. I will find out. I always do. Sadly, some do not take me seriously when I do say these things, and in the end, they forget. I am like an elephant when it comes to remembering details of what I say or do, or things that are important in my life, I have memories of my childhood at five years old.

My life is built on promises I made to others actually. To my mother and my Step-father, to my father, and my wives. All I made promises to each of them, I kept just, as I stated them. I made a promise in fifth grade when I was a child, to a Principle too, that if she put me in fifth grade I would pass with flying colors because I had failed originally and was supposed to stay back. I refused and did as I promised. I promised my mother I would continue to learn and grow, I did just that in my life by going back to college at 40 years old and graduating in three honor societies with three awards handed to me. So it may take time for some promises to come to fruition from me, but they do come true if I can control them.

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