Changes are coming fast now.

Changes happen and soon it seems. Today is a big day for me, there should be a closing of the house in Connecticut, later today. Once that closes, then tomorrow will be the buying phase for my condo. In between it is waiting and calling places for what I need for the condo once it closes, Lowes and Furniture Stores to schedule deliveries. Listing phone calls and bills to pay and what will be needed is not easy. I had a wife with me last time who took care of most of it. This time it will be downsizing, by me because she passed and I am alone now. So, many things are being given away or sold,, I have no place for them. It is one day at a time these days as I have said now for a long time.

I have held on now, since my wife’s passing last August, only by sheer will so far. What will happen once all is done, is a mystery to me, because I will be in a new place, and a new lifestyle. I have not been alone in a place of my own in over 28 years now. It will be a process of setting up what bills to pay and when then setting up my new home and finding things to keep me busy when I finish all the moving and more. I hope I am doing the right thing, in buying myself a condo and all goes as planned. If it does I should be set up within a week at best with all I need.

I have tried to not think of my wife’s passing, as much as I used to, but it never leaves my mind or heart that she is gone. I think of her each morning when I wake up, I miss saying good morning to her, having coffee with her, and planning our day. I even miss taking her to her Doctors and more. The first thing in my mind when my eyes pop open is my deceased wife and a silent prayer for her safety and peace. I pray each day she is resting and well and in no more pain. 16 years she fought her cancer and I helped her, and now she is at rest I pray and her soul is safe.

As to my health well, my body aches daily and I have yet to move into my condo or finish securing it yet. That will be next and starting very shortly, I hope between today, the house sale and funds transfers and then tomorrow the condo closing. Then set up deliveries of what I need to live, a refrigerator, my bedroom furniture, and my living room furniture.

Once I have a bedroom, a place to sleep, I can start moving all my personal belongings to take with me. Then start putting things away in my condo, and setting it all up as needed. The last thing will probably be the television and Verizon. Then, paying off all bills from Connecticut and setting up auto-pay on the condo, like I did my car each month. Then it is stocking the condo with food and setting up my little office in it too, by going to get a desk at Staples. Connecting Internet and television. Until all is on Verizon, I have my phone. Each step will be done as needed as I go along.

The question that remains is this, will I be able to handle living alone once more? I don’t know for sure, but, I have to try. I am entering a 55 plus community, so I hope I will be comfortable and able to do it all myself. Time shall tell for sure. If nothing else, I hope I shall meet new people and find things to do there. Shopping is not far away either as I have seen so far. The Community is set up for people who are elderly like me. I only pray, all goes well and it ends with me doing well for myself, in all ways.

If the Lord wants it this way, then so be it I say. I only hope I can find my way to doing it well and to finding a way to get through it all. Wish me, Luck, folks!

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