At Some Point, The Truth will come out!

At some point the truth will win out and the real story comes out about many things. Many mysteries get solved over time, like who killed JFK, or RFK or MLK Jr. Answers do come out in one way or another, even if Uncle Sam tries to hide facts of all that happened. Not only is it true in these political cases, but also in none ones too, like Marilyn Monroe and others. Not knowing the full story people ger misled and only see what they see and draw limited responses and opinions, and in the end they sometimes react in the wrong way. So, they end up on the wrong side of the coin and get stuck thinking they are always right, when they don’t. It’s the way of mankind, to draw conclusions they should not have, and then they must live with the consequences of what they did.

History has proven what I have said above in more than one way. Sadly, we get fooled into thinking things happened one way, when in fact they happened another and there was a reason for all going the way it did. The way it goes, later, after people make rash decision and react in a bad way, they learn the truth, but it can’t be fixed because of their rashness and anger. By doing so, people who act in such rashness, don’t hurt the person they get angry with, but themselves, for others see it and go I just lost respect for that person for now and evermore.

No man or woman, is perfect, we are all human beings, so before you judge someone else over any issue you should look in the mirror first. For your own flaws come to light, as soon as you make rash decisions and carry them through. Unless you have all the information concerning anyone and any given situation, you should make sure you know all the facts, if you don’t, don’t react.

I say this because recently, things came to a head and in the end the person who pulled the trigger on a given situation shouldn’t have. Yet, in his mind he believes he was right, and he is stubborn, headstrong and too proud to ever admit he is wrong about anything at all, he has to be right and thinks he knows it all. No one knows it all, and sometimes pride, and the inability to compromise, or to get the full truth, hurts not the person you directed the anger at but yourself. I have seen this happen now, not only in a man but also in a woman, and both don’t realize what they did, they just reacted with rash decisions they will regret.

I watched and lived these situations and have in many ways in my life. And I stop and go why the hell did they do that, but I accept it and move on, because in the end you can’t change people or what they think or want to believe. But, when the facts come out after all is said and done, they will feel pretty bad, and be too damn proud to admit they were wrong.

I watched when I was a child rash fights between our parents, and then i watched rash decisions by friends asa teenager. I also saw rash decisions in The service by people who were ranks above me. It happens everywhere in life, and even in my own, rash decisions in who todate, who to be with, what friends to keep and which to get rid of. Over all, I am glad I made many decisions the way I did, but, in few cases I am not.

Sometimes you find the facts later, while you think back on it all and reminisce too. You might be some place or in a situation and your mind flashes back to what you did before, and you finally realize, oops, I screwed up! By then it is far too late, to back up and make it better, it just festers and makes matters worse for all involved and you lose friends, relatives and lovers,

Personally, I do not, worry about whether someone likes me, dislikes what I say or do, especially when the person doing so does not have all the facts of why I did or said what I did. No matter what their reaction is, when they get angry and upset you can’t change the facts, can you? Ever wonder how someone else’s decision making process is done? I know I have, but I work and make decision making different than most. I listen to people who complain, their situation, and give them questions to ask themselves, and make them see the reality of it all. In the end, some make decisions once I do so, to run right back to the person we discussed it about, and tell them, and an explosion starts in relationships that can never be healed. It’s sad when rifts are there. For in fact when both involved are actually working to protect the same person, and one doesn’t see that, well, the rift, or division and anger makes it worse for all involved.

Looks I spent 7 months living with a family member and her partner recently, due to the death of my wife. Now, Let me say this before I say anything else this is not intended to harm anyone in any way, but it will explain the truth of all that happened. They took me in and I will never, hurt or harm them on purpose. What happened is sad because, not everyone understands the way they live together or their relationship and I am one who has seen it up close now. so, I do understand it, doesn’t mean I agree with it all, but it’s not my place to change it or attempt to. This is to explain something, I am sure as hell, as sure as I am sitting where I am today, that I am being talked about to some people as not being grateful, or I didn’t compensate them well enough. Well, that’s crap, and no matter what was said about any situation, I saw or witnessed in their home, I never intended to hurt anyone. People act differently when their partners are away from them, and they talk. So, when I was listening to someone complain about their partner and what they do, and asked a serious question, well, they took that question and turned it into a problem by running back to their partner with it. It got blown out of proportion and turned into an angry mess, that never got resolved. Sadly!

Just so all that may hear of this situation, as I am a far away from it now and people do talk once you are gone, I will clarify something. I compensated the couple that tool me in, very well for the 7 months I lived in their home. The amount of money I gave, adds up and I don’t think it is known to the half that is so angry with me. Seven months, dived into 17,ooo, dollars equals 2,428.57 cents per month. 15, 000, of it in lump sum the rest was in items they sold of mine and me paying for a gas delivery to heat their home in the winter. I know the person who is so angry, doesn’t know those monetary facts. So when, people are told how awful I was to live with, it is a joke really, I did nothing wrong in their home. The only problem was, I responded to a question and discussion one half had about the other with one question, and it was twisted and turned into something it should have never been.

I can’t change the bad feelings, or anger of said person, or what happened. I offered to find a resolution to it, and spoke to the person about doing so, in the end, they refused it, and said I was to mind my own business and they would stay out of mine too. It ended up in a tense situation, where you could cut the tension and stress with a knife for my final two weeks or so there. I am sorry it happen that way, but it did. maybe at some point, the person who is so angry will realize it all. I doubt it really, and if the couple in question is questioning the amount they were compensated, that I stated here, I have receipts for every penny. I can prove it.

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