I am hoping for the best.

Good Morning world, how are you? Been a while since i wrote a blog so, I figured give a new one a try.

I moved into a brand new Condo recently and i like the condo and the 55 plus community I am in here in Westborough, Ma. Although I have found it to be boring and people are basically conservative in how they talk to others here, I have noticed. I try to keep busy of course taking long walks around the lake here, and try to stay in touch at the Community Center they have here also. I found Solomon Pond Mall and like to walk it also for fun. Yet, people are busy and quiet and I am of the older crowd by most standards now, I am 66 years old here.

I keep looking for things to do and how to meet others in my age range daily, but it is slow going for sure. I guess I shall check the Senior Center in town soon enough and then the public library too and see what they have as to things to do. I am wondering where people in my age group go in Westborough for things to do, and meet others. I am lonely at times and I guess I miss my wife big time who passed last year. So, as to what to do with myself besides setting up my condo and cleaning it and walking I have no idea, I am new to Westborough and Massachusetts overall, I came in from Connecticut. So, I know no one here, and I know nothing of the area and what to do here. I am always looking for people to meet.

As to the future, it looks like this is it for me herein the condo I am in, I like the place and the style. I like the peace and quiet, but, one can not survive by oneself especially when I was used to always having a wife. I guess time shall tell what happens on that point for me.

I have watched the world news and find it sad. I hate the violence that is happening of course. I served my country, 16 years myself, and I am a disabled veteran here. I am proud of my service time and of the fact I am still kicking at 66. So, I am going one day at a time and trying to survive in peace, but still have fun and meet others.

I am hoping that sooner or later I will meet and make new friends here in a new place. Yes I miss my home in Connecticut, but, I miss my wife also. I sold the house we lived in after her passing, because there is nothing a single man could do with a four bedroom home alone. Too much snow blowing in the winter and, grass cutting in the summer and too much to pay for to heat and to take care of for me. So I sold it and moved north here into Mass, to be nearer to my sister the only relative i really have left these days. Yet, even getting closer, still leaves us a 40-45 minute drive apart in an age where gass is high priced. Life is not the same as it was for me, before and that is expected of course and i understand adjusting to a new place, yet, I am still lonely and hoping is all. Time shall tell, for sure for me, I am hoping for the best.

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