Life decisions, experiences and results.

Living for 66 years makes one think of the past a lot and reminisce about what happened and what didn’t. Sometimes you sit back and go I should have done this or that and in the end you realize, how it could have gone differently for you. Yet you also know you can’t change the past or go backwards, it doesn’t work that way.

I have seen many things and done many things in my life, some are decisions I regret and some I will never regret. It is a fact of life we learn to live with as we age and get closer to the end. We stop and wonder what if and when we do, we end up realizing, the decisions we made were for the best of all involved and around me and myself also.

My decisions ,I made that I believe were wrong come to mind when I slow down and have very little else to do. So your mind starts going over decisions in such a way that you have to slap yourself and say stop it and live with all of the decisions you made. Life is based on decisions folks, it is based on the biggest decision always, do I stay or do I go? {eop;e come and go from our lives, because we either screw up the relationships we had, or we are forced or feel it necessary to change and head in a new direction. It happens Ladies and Gentlemen believe me, we all do it and have to face the end results.

Do I regret the key decisions is the real question and that should be the same for all of us. Did we leave school too early, did we miss out on that one person we should have dated or been with, did we lose the big chance relationship in our life? Did we quit the wrong job, make a mistake and lose the job we wanted, did we lose the love of our life, due to our own foolish mistake? So many questions come to mind for me and I am sure for others. I can sit and think them, over forever if I let myself do so, but is it worth the energy, or not? More than likely not, why, because the longer you go over it the worse you feel and the less you can do about it all, and it becomes depressing. So, in the end those decisions must be pushed aside and life must go on.

As we go forward the one good thing about thinking over the past, is we tend to use the past to make decisions in the present, and that helps with our future. never forget the past, never doubt your decisions, and realize you made them for the right reasons at the time you did.

Do I need to forget the past, only those things that hurt me, and then I go forward avoiding the same mistakes. It is what life is about these days, some tell me i am wrong when I tell them things I see happening, and get angry or mad at me. But, late they begin to realize I was right and they didn’t see it, like I did. I live with it when they get angry or mad at me and iIjust go, I tried to tell you. In the end though, I can’t make someone else listen to my advice, I give them from my experiences, so they suffer till the light goes on in their heads and hearts, so to say. You can’t tell people what to do, what to say or how to react to anything they decide on their own and in the end they have to love with their decisions just like I have to with mine. Good Luck folks.

I can’t stop, telling the truth or calling it the way I see it and never will. If it is someone I love and care about I give the advice to, I cringed and back-up when they don’t listen. Then what I told them turns out to be true and they end up living with it. I can’t change that one. anyway, I figured maybe some would understand what I am saying and maybe just draw from it and learn to slow down and make better decisions as you go along.

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