Second life, Cafe O Austin and the Laws

Cafe O Austin in Second Life is supposed to be a destination in Second life for the teaching of D/s and BDSM as a site for all walks of life and to make Masters and Submissives of men and women online. In fact it is far from that and is used by it’s Owner to get women to have sex with him. Sadly, some think, the Owner of sad Sim, that lives in Austin, Texas is a big Master of D/s and BDSM and the lifestyle in general. He isn’t, if he was, he would understand that no two Masters are the same, nor are no two submissives. Nor no two Domme’s are the same either. Instead he plays the game his way and in the end all must adhere to his ways and only his ways or you get booted from his sim.

Sadly, Second Life allows him to run his sim his way of course for he pays for two sims at once each year, and continually builds and changes the look. What he cannot do is handle people who do not conform to his style of the lifestyle, nor can he handle people with different opinions than he has on the very subjects he claims to be teaching. Now here is the kicker about his so- called sim, he calls Cafe O Austin, he is not teaching people anything they don’t already know if they are in the lifestyle. He fails miserably, to teach properly and he fails at doing what he calls the lifestyle for he is not the one making the decisions as to who stays in his sim, the women do that, not the sims owner.

He holds discussions on subjects that all who have ever lived the lifestyle already know and then he tells you how to do them his way only on his sim. You are not allowed to voice a different opinion or way of doing BDSM or D/s while in his sim. If you do so, it gets reported back to him and you’re banned. Now he also doesn’t believe in Allowing Dominants to be Dominants in his sim, he cut that out years ago, so you have no choice now, either go full Master or Full Submissive, or leave his sim. That is how he handles his so called ,BDSM / D/S teaching Sim. On top of this, it is not the Masters who teach anything on his sim, it is the Submissives that he uses for this purpose. In the end he is using Submissive women to teach D/s and BDSM to any male who enters his sim, and any female also. The so called Masters, do nothing except come in and hang out and screw around with the submissives that are new, and the ones ,there longer are ignored and lack attention, so they end up alone and wondering what they did wrong.

Now, many have told me in the past, to not talk of this Sim anymore, I laugh at that for my opinion is my own and i have a eight to voice it as I please. We do live in America, where freedom of speech is still one of our basic rights as is freedom of religion. Voicing ones opinion is a basic right in America and it does not matter how much money he pays Second Life for his sims. What all need to understand is this man, controls others that will boot you too from their sims, without explanation also, on his word. It is commonly called a clique folks and it exists in Second Life. Now I don’t hate Second Life or BDSm or D/s at all. I like all of the above, what I don’t like is one man who thinks he is king, controlling women who are submissive in this way and them not catching on that he is using them all the time.

I feel sorry for the women who are tied up in his sim, because they claim they need his protection. They don’t need his protection, and they don’t need to conform to his stupid rules and ways of doing things either. Just because a submissive is a submissive, does not mean they have to do things his way. A submissive has he same rights as a Master. In fact a submissive has more power in any D/s or BDSM relationship then the men who are Masters. For no woman can be used and abused, spanked, cuffed, bearen without saying yes. if you say no ladies/ submissives, no should mean no no matter what. Yet the owner of this sim forces you to teach other males how to use your submissiveness against you. And that is sad to say and hear.

I know where the man lives who runs this sim in Second lIfe also. It is sad the a company like Second LIfe is, is allowing him to continue his practices under the guise of a teaching or educational sim. It isn’t really, it is a sex sim is all, ruled by the owner, period. If Second life and it’s owners, had brains and common sense and logic they would know all that is happening in this sim I speak of and they would monitor it and ultimately figure it all out and shut it down. It is repulsive, that one man is allowed to control so many women for his own pleasure, in this way.

Final thing I will say regarding this Cafe O Austin Sim, if Second life is smart it will send someone in, for both sides of the equation and investigate it themselves, before an angry person, sues them over what happens in said sim. The amount of money Second Life and its parent company can lose is major. I would consider that first and foremost for you didn’t buy Second lIfe as a program/ world to allow such acts to carry on, and the chances of a suit being brough by an angry individual, whether female or male is very high. Never mind the publicity, that can come about for this. But it is not my money or time or efforts that will mean anything, for once a female or male starts this process, I speak of it will be Second life, that loses overall in the end.

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