Ratzu Darkstone and his Cafe O/ Austin sim.

Second Life ia huge platform which includes adult areas, such as sexual in nature, D/s and BDSM areas also and more.

Now, while I believe in the BDSM and D/s lifestyles, I do not believe in Ratzu Darkstone or his Cafe O sim or the way he handle it and runs it.

Now I am far from a professional lifestyler and I do not claim to know everything regarding it either. But I do not approve of Ratzu Darkstone an dhis sim of Austin in any nature or his so called program to train people. He fails at many points in his own program and leaves no choices in his sim. He uses the Submissive women in his sim to teach the men to become Masters. That in and of itself is just using the women he has on his sim as members for his own purposes. It is sad thing to see, a so called Master, using these women to increase his membership on his sim.

Ratzo Darkstone acts like a child in his ways and his only reason for having his sim is to populate it with female submissives that report back to him twice to three rimesa day on all they see on his sim. He doesnt run it himself again he uses the women who are submissives to get reports on who is doing what and then he also take recommendations from these women/ submissives and bans who they don’t like in that sim. He claims it is an educational sim, but he steals all he teaches off the internet, and from other people online also. That is not the way a Male Dominant or a Master in the lifestyle should be doing business. He is the Master right, well should he be teaching the lifestyle and guiding the program he runs, yet he doesn’t. A Master should also know no two Masters or Dominants, or no two Submissives will do the lifestyle the same ways, so there will be different opinions and ways of living the lifestyle. The point here is this, he tries to control all on his sim in Second Life.

Anyway, Ratzu Darkstone is a sad example of a Master for he uses each and every submissive on his sim for his own reasons, not theirs.

Yes he builds his sim constantly to attract more men and women into his sims, but in the end he uses every woman who enters his sim in one way or another. He either has sessions and uses them to scene in private or holds his ceremonies in his lil castle he built for that purpose in and of itself. Ratzu Darkstone is a user and abuser of women period in all ways he can do so. The sad thing is Second Life allows him to do so, and that is sad indeed. I have seen how he works and believe me, Ratzu holds no right to claim to be a MAster in the lifestyles, nor should he be teaching anything. All of his workshops, and Lesson plans and assignments he has stolen from others. Common knowledge will tell you no two D/s or BDSM relationships are the same. Nor are an two Masters, or Submissives the same. You can’t be a Master in D/s or BDSM unless you understand that first and foremost. He tries to remake all into what he wants them to be, and when you refuse or argue or say anything about what he is doing and try to tell him he is wrong, he just bans you. That is why he requires voice recognition and to take your IP address, uses them to ban you if you don’t go along with his plan or ways. He is making carbon copies of himself, and well in the end people catch on and leave.

Do yourself a favor if you are into D/s and BDSM, don’t join Ratzu Darkstomes sim! I have seen some prominent Masters and Dominates leave or be banned from Austin, and Cafe O. So if you want to do D/s and BDSM in your own way, have a choice in what you can say or do, Austin and Cafe O Austin is not the sim for you.

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