May is Moving along, and so is life!

Well, May 2022 is well underway now. The weather is getting warmer and it seems people are coming outside some. Covid is still with us folks, so unless you have had it and are vaccinated I would suggest wearing a mask. There are now many strains of the covid virus and no one knows for sure how many there may be. For me I had the vaccine and two booster shots and still got covid in December of last year. While the vaccine will keep the symptoms down for you if you get covid it will not fully prevent you from getting it. I am 66 years old and I have other medical problems, making me capable of getting the virus so I am vaccinated. Now, some don’t believe they can get the virus and believe it to be a hoax, it isn’t, the death numbers from it prove that in and of itself. So please be careful about it all.

Next subject to address for me. Dating sites believe it or not! As a widower who lost his wife last year in August, I have been experimenting and checking out certain dating sites. What I find is because I am a widower, many women frown on me for looking or attempting to find someone, when my wife passed last August. Ladies do me a favor, don’t determine by the date of my wife’s passing whether it has been too short a time for me to be looking, ok. I spent 16 years, taking care of my wife with her cancer and she passed, before I even thought of looking at other women. So, 16 years is a long time for a man to go without being with a woman. So please don’t jump on the wagon and say too soon to me. it isn’t.

I have tried Zoosk, I have tried Ourtime, and others, I keep looking and hoping to find a woman in my new area of Massachusetts where I live. Then I get asked why are you here in Massachusetts? Simple folks I am 66 years old, my wife passed, and the only family I have really is my sister who lives in this state. I wanted to be near someone I love and who is family to me. I hope that makes sense to all. The hardest part of all I have been through is trying to start over in a new state, in a new city/town and not knowing a single person. So I try to reach out by looking at dating sites for the area I am in and hope to find a woman as a friend first, and if it develops into a relationship fine , if not that’s fine too, as long as I can make friends.

Am I going about it wrong, I think not, I now live by myself in a condo thats new and in a decent town, Westborough here. It is quiet yes, and it is hard to get to know people for me, because all are different of course and it will take time.But with hope and looking forward I am trying. I would like to spend my remaining years in comfort and with a woman who likes having a companion, a friend and maybe a lover too. But, I also know women can be reluctant to associate with strangers. So I don’t push anything on anyone I am me, for who else can I be.

I like to write short stories, blogs and poems and I like walking. I am learning a game called pickleball up here and have only played it one full day. I hurt an ankle doing it and I am slowly recovering now from that. I love the game, was just not equipped with the right sneakers when it happened.

I fish and I like to walk the lake here and the malls around too. I play billiards with some here in the condo community and I am slowly watching line dancing lessons and trying to make friends. I hope it is working. I take care of my condo of course and my belongings and try to be me, is all.

I do not interfere in others lives, and I try to just have fun and be social, it is what life is about for us, who are human beings, is it not? Anyway, I go on alone these days, because i know not this town, or this state, so I am trying to find people to meet, places to go to and things to do to entertain myself and to get involved. It is rough when the only person you knew ,so well passes, and you have to start over at 66 years old, so, I ask that people try to consider that as I go forward in my life. I don’t know how long I may live, 66 is no spring chicken that’s for sure, but, I am not ready to depart mother earth by, a far means. So I want to try to enjoy my elder years, as much as I can, and hopefully with someone, time shall tell. In the meantime life goes on and i feel sometimes lost and at other time unsure, but I go one day at a time is all. I hope that makes sense.

I try to stay out of certain things, I am sure others do too. I try to avoid politics and religion, mainly because it only causes fights and arguments. I love sports, and friendly clubs and music. I used to DJ online, but gave that up when my deceased wife got sick years ago. So, these days it is chat rooms online, Xbox games for fun, television and movies in my home, and walking mostly. I do enjoy cooking when I get a chance or am in the mood to do so. Reading I do on and off or build puzzles. I really have no idea what to do in the area being new here.

Life will move on no matter what I do, so I plan to try to enjoy, I try to laugh and make friends and hope I can build a life enough to love my own out in.

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