Time will tell, but I don’t want to wait forever either, I am 66.

Sunday in Westborough, Ma, today’s temps will be in the 90’s they say, Ac units can’t keep iup it seems. Heat is becoming a problem for all of us elderly people for sure, but we shall struggle through I am sure. At 66 I am not used to high heat and humidity like i am experiencing right now so fan time and ac on too. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t I don’t know.

Last night The Boston Celtics lost to the Heat, and it wasn’t even a close game in my opinion, but, they will come back in game four I am sure. Too many turnovers and bad shooting average got em last night.

Well, I am 66 years old, and I try dating sites to see if I can make female friends, yes I am guilty of trying them. I am finding though, too many abandoned profiles, too many phoney sites and too many just seeking someone to pay their bills. Life to me is sharing time withs omeone, having fun with someone, not paying their bills for them. Look we all age folks, and we all know it, but I am no one’s ATM to pay their bills and don’t appreciate people who try to use me for that purpose.

Now some will ask what am I looking for in a female partner or companion. Friendship is one, caring is two, loyal is three, and fun is four. Intelligence is good and a sense of humor too, and active in some ways. I am retired and trying to learn a new area in Westborough, ‘s passing, it isn’t! If you spent 16 years taking care of a cancer patient and stayed by their side, you would know what I am saying is true. I did what was right by my wife as she passed and while she lived, I was dedicated to her completely.

At 66 now and a widower, I want a companion, I want communication, I want laughter I want adventure in many ways. I want a woman with a sense of self and smarts, and a sense of humor. I want someone who is interesting and likes to cuddle and takes it easy too. I do like walking, I do like reading and writing, I do like socializing with people at billiards or, watching people line dance, or even going to karaoke clubs. I like exploring and walking malls too. What I am finding is I am a social person to a degree and there are times when I want some private quiet moments too. I hope that makes sense.

Look, I tried Zoosk, and Ourtime and other web sites, online dating is not working for me. I don’t like the politics and religion bullshit in these chats and sites. I liked years ago when there were singles dances i attended and where I would go listen to music gab fest and have fun and if I saw a woman I liked I asked her to dance. Those days it seems have died in modern America and amid the covid crisis. AT 66, we all fear getting covid and dying, so we become over careful and I get it I do, but at some point, you have to take a chance and live your life out, also.

How to find a partner when your widowed and 66, I have no idea. I am in a new State, Massachusetts, A new town, Westborough, and have no idea where people go to have fun and meet others in my age group. People are polite here and i appreciate that I do, and i like it, but, to meet someone it needs to go beyond Hi, How are you, for a conversation, ya know what I mean.

Let me say this, and I find it laughable and funny when I do, I was married twice in my lifetime, once for 12 years and then the second for 28 years, and in that time and in my life I have never learned even how to flirt! I have no idea how to flirt with a woman, I have no skills in that area, see. How did i meet my wives then some will ask, one was playing pool in the navy and the second was found in a singles dance, I attended one night.

The way I have always thought about it when I do, is, just be myself, do what I like, have fun and someone will find me. I like walking, I like being me, I like listening to music, reading, writing. As to what else there is to do in my area here in Westborough, so far I have no real idea. I like bowling at least I used to also. I am old fashioned i guess when it comes to relationships.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts for today, May 22nd, 2022. I am hoping at some point I can find someone, but life is complicated and busy and people are doing their own things in this world for sure. Time will tell, but I don’t want to wait forever either, I am 66.

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