Memorial Day is Coming Fast!

As we close in on Memorial Day 2022, I want people to stop and think what it really means, in the United States. So lets go back to those who gave their lives to create our country in The American Revolution, and then The War of 1812 and work forward to today’s world in America.

We survived Two World Wars, a Korean War we should have never fought and a Vietnam War we didn’t belong in. All of those who lost their lives in each war fought for what they believed in and we believe in as a Nation and a people, Freedom, the right to choice of religion, and the right to free speech. And then add in the Disabled Veteran’s of each war we have been through and the families of those who were injured or lost to them. The Price of America’s Freedom and the right to free speech is huge, ladies and gentlemen. Stop and think if you can of the millions of souls who left this earth early, before their time, to give us the nation we have today or choice, and freedom in all ways. When your cooking burgers and hot dogs and eating so much, and swimming and sunning yourself, stop for at least 30 seconds to remember all who gave so much, for you to be able to do so, in freedom, please.

How many know history in America these days or pay attention to it in anyway? They are few like me, they are also hard to find. While you celebrate the holiday we call Memorial Day, please remember what it really means, for with these men and women who gave their all, The Republic we live in and the democracy it is, would fall. Is Democracy and the Republic something we should forget or let go? No Ladies and Gentlemen, As Ben Franklin said, We shall have a Democracy and a Republic , only as long as we work to preserve and protect it. Our Forefathers had a dream folks, and that dream is reality today and we must remember why and by who it still exists today.

So come Memorial Day, as you party, eat, drink and be merry and head to the beaches and concerts and more, I think everyone should stop, for at least 30 seconds, no matter where you be, and give thanks in silence to those who died for us to be free!

Remember, them all my friends and fellow citizens, for in the least, they deserve to be remembered for all they did and gave, for all of us today! I wish all, A Very Happy and Joyous Memorial Day Holiday! Party Well, just stop for 30 seconds and say Thanks to those who provided it!

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