Things unsaid or undone!

Ok, time to speak of thing to come, time to think of things undone.

Time to speak of dreams big and small.

It is a time to go, I did not do this and should after all.

I had dreams of travel,

Dreams of fun times and loves I left behind,

Time has moved on it seems,

Is fate just so mean?

That all we have is our dream?

There comes a time in life you see,

When we grow older and still love to be free.

We dream of what we could have done and what we would have loved to be,

As we move along toward or en, we think of things we wanted to do,

It could be something simple like saying I love you,

It could be admitting to someone, that you cared, but didn’t tell them at all,

In the end, the pleasure of just telling them is big and it is something once admitted, you can not renege on.

I am glad I said what I had to, to those I cared most about,

For as time goes on, it does run out,

They need to know my real feelings, it’s all about the life we are living. And it is only right.

So, as we move on in age, and we turn each page, at least for me, I did what was right,

I hope you see.

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