August 2nd, 2022 as I see it!

I have seen many things in 66 years of life, many people and relationships and how they start ,end and how they go as far as interaction between couples. People break up for different reasons, I understand that I do. I also understand how because of those circumstances, one or both parties need help to get back on their feet once more. for one half or the other it is more difficult Each one is different and sometimes, I understand the emotional turmoil it causes one or both. So , I have tried extremely hard to stay out of any break-ups period.

I know, the couple I speak of helped me when my wife died and I appreciate all they did ,taking me in. Yet I did pay my way, and in the end i stayed out of both of their ways the best I could. Now, I am being told or it is being insinuated I did somethings, wrong while in their home, I don’t see that at all. Yet that is what is getting told to me, these days. If i did anything wrong in their home, I can’t recall it, that is for sure. if I did it was not intentional.

That is something I guess, if I am wrong and did do something wrong, I don’ remember it. Put that aside as it is, the break-up of the two of these people, is a show all have watched now, from April ,till now. And i do mean all, all the friends of both of them have been watching, and enjoying the show they have put on. I have tried to help my half of said relationship out in any way I can, but, I am disabled, a bad back, I have PTSD, and more to consider.

Ok I can do only so much at my age and in my physical and mental conditions. That is the first thing, the second thing is like others I have phobias also and more. So I get upset at small things that happen. I am not this perfect brother or man my sister puts out there folks so you know, I am human and I have complaints and issues of my own to deal with daily. I make mistakes, I get upset, and I say many things, but that’s life also. I will never say I am perfect and never have, so all know.

Now, I watched this break-up as it happened, I was there in their home when it started and I will tell you this, one of the two was an all out phony and still is till today months later. What bothers me about this whole show is it needs to end, yet it is still being talked about on both ends. I tire of hearing how he did this, he did that, he is doing this and he is doing that. I tell my sister, ignore it, let him go, don’t worry, what he does, or says, or who he is with. Sadly, she doesn’t understand that. She is constantly bringing him up and talking to people on her phone about it daily. The situation isn’t good here either due to the fact, there is now, two of us living in a small condo. SO I overhear all she says, and does, and it gets on my nerves daily. There is no escaping it at all. On top of it all she has one lifestyle and I, a different one, so we get on one another’s nerves and fight. I didn’t buy a condo for myself, to have her come in and take it over in every way she can, while she stays here. Yet it happens, it’s what women do. I understand that, but it upsets me.

Now, as far as her ex goes, he is a narcissistic man who will never admit wrong doing or accept responsibility for what he started and caused here. He has tried to blame me for the break-up, two of her friends too and more, and he never admits a thing of what he did wrong. Sadly, it is just a fact he was wrong. As I said to my sister, what is a 62 year old man doing, getting showered , shaved and dressed up decently and putting gel in his hair and cologne on, and going out at 7 pm every night? And not coming home till 1 to 1;30 am hmm.

So he decided to blame me for his actions and ghosted me until he told me to leave the house once i secured my condo. I left as he asked of course as fast as I could. Then my sister breaks up with him, because I asked the right question, and she found out he was out having fun with other women and more. Her friends told her the same, his friends told her the same and they sent pics and videos of him doing so to her cell phone, lol. No one is to blame for the break up other then him period. Sadly, it cost him a million dollar home, and a 13 year relationship and he gave it all up to go out with a woman, who is only 34 years old. He is still with her the last I know of anyway.

The woman believes he is rich because he sold the million dollar home, the fact is he isn’t. He has bills to pay, and his fortune is not what she thinks. He is basically struggling to survive, yet putting on a good show to keep the younger woman with him. In the end the real question is how long does he really think a 34 year old woman will stick around a 62 year old man, when he runs out of money and Viagra? Good question right, I think so.

As I tried to tell my sister, let it go, he is gone now, the house is gone and the money has been split between you where it should be, with you getting the most. Now I understand the emotional trauma here and the circumstances, and mine was slightly different, my wife died. Death is a separation you can’t blame on anyone. So, it is different for sure.

I think both sides need to pay what they owe and move on. No more pointing fingers at one another, no more lying about who paid for what or how they did so, or who bought what for whom or how. The relationship is over, let it go.

How to live with my sister is another thing actually. Women take over homes, they do what they want and don’t stop to consider a thing. She came in and took over the room I gave her yes, that is fine, then she took over half of my bathroom and shelves, then my cabinets in the kitchen and refrigerator. She is now everywhere. She took over my seat on my couch and covered it with sheets for her dog. Then her dog stays with her, and takes up more room on the couch and I have to sit in the opposite end crowded in. I said nothing and let it happen. Then I got her feet coming at me as I sat down, I got upset, she is constantly on her phone as I try to watch tv at night, no thought to the fact she is disturbing me with a thing. Then she goes out, leaves her dog here and I have no choice but to walk him so he doesn’t do his business in my condo. If I wanted a dog I would have bought one myself, it is the exact reason why I didn’t want one, I don’t want to take care of one.

Sometimes when your my age 66, you take naps during the day, I did so today, As I did, I was awakened by her and her dog coming home. I was also trying to watch a movie today, when she decided to listen to and watch a Tony Robbins Session on her computer, and interfered so I couldn’t hear my movie. I got upset and walked out of my own home so I didn’t argue with her over it. I stayed walking around outside for a while and came back home to see her leaving again, and no dog with her. Of course she can’t take the dog with her she says, so she said she fed him and I don’t need to do a thing for him is what she said. She asked what my problem was when I tried to explain it all, of course the first thing is out of her mouth she is gonna look for a place to move as soon as she can. I don’t care if she stays, but she needs to realize she is being inconsiderate and not paying attention to what she is doing here. This is not her over 4,000 square foot house she had or the one I had with my wife either. I bought a condo that is 956 square feet period. IT’s tight and close and we have to be considerate of each other here.

IT’s been two weeks now that she has been here, she claims I go after her daily on these things, but I don’t. She is going through a trauma I know it with all she lost, I have been going through one too, after my wife’s death. It’s hard, for both of us, I know that and we need to acknowledge it on both sides. I try to advise her when I can, and try to go out of my way not to do so in anger. I don’t think she gets it at all, she is so busy doing her thing she doesn’t slow down at all.

In the end, the relationship she was in went bad and ended, I get it I do. I lost a wife, I get that too. The hard part here is simple how do we survive and not ruin our relationship as brother and sister now? I love my sister dearly, I do. So, what is the solution here? Open communication, in normal voices would help.

Anyway, as all this is happening, my health is not getting any better. Something has happened to me today, something popped or something in my area on the left hand side of my neck. it feels like a muscle or something gave, or worse. The left side of my head feels like a liquid pulse is there. It feels like something let go or passed thru my veins there. My neck feels different as does my head, I am light headed on the left side now. What it is I do not know now, but I do know, if it persists, I may need to get to a hospital soon. I am hoping it is a muscle that just released or something simple but I am not sure now. Time shall tell. I know I have had minor heart problems and blood pressure problems too. What happens next I do not know, but, I know I am 66, and no spring chicken anymore.

Should I go to the Hospital, or not is now my question? Maybe I should call them and ask what I should do?

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