What will become of the once Proud America we all knew and loved when I grew up in the 50’s and sixties?

August 15th, 2022, I awoke once more at 4:30 am today. back aching, trouble breathing and more. I used to be one of the healthiest people I know and I still try to walk 3 miles a day. Yet as I age my health goes slowly down the tubes. My problems multiply and my mental status I have even begun to question at times. My emotional condition is up and down since my wife died in 2021, I go from normal to depressed in a flick of a switch. Pills won’t help me, I have had them before, if anything, they would make me want to end my life if I took them, for they tend to take away my feeling anything.

These days I walk my 3 miles a day if I can and if possible. The walking and fresh air is good for me Then I come home to clean what I can in my condo, and do what laundry I have if needed. Next step in my day is the morning news on television, as i watch the Russians and Ukrainians in their war, China in their anger and then we Americans struggling internally with out own political upheavals and mess caused by an Ex-President who should never have been elected in the first place. People die in accidents, stars pass away from Television and movies and more. Authors get attacked for what they write, why? It is what I was told as a kid, and it applies more today than ever before a dog-eat- dog world. Gas and fuel prices rise, electric prices rise, food costs go up and medical expenses are a killer for everyone. Nothing is cheap, yet we seniors and handicapped are strapped with limited income. No one really cares what happens to the disabled or elderly, they are too busy trying to keep going themselves.

Personally I know at 66 years old many tell me I am in good shape, but they know not all that is wrong with me. MY physical, dental and mental health are no where what they appear to be for sure. You learn as you age, to hide things, to deal with them as they come up and that complaining won’t help you in any way. You can scream, shout, bitch, moan and complain till your blue in the face, people just look and go there he or she goes again and carry-on. They do not care, if you don’t get off your own ass and help yourself, no one will.

Not all people will help a dying loved one or family member either. The same problem exists on that front too, for they have their own problems to care about, their own bills to pay, their own children and grandchildren to take care of, or as some do, their friends are more important than anything to them. I know I lived through seeing it growing up, adults believing their friends are more important than their children or families they made. Happens, some people feel that way and only do what they do, without realizing what they are doing wrong. Some never learn that no matter how you argue, fight, yell, scream between family members you are still family and family should always come first. We are not all blessed with common sense, and logic are we?

I am one for helping family first and friends second. Yet, even family members get to a point where tyhey think everything should be handed to them on a platter, won’t happen folks. I don’t mind giving a family member a meal, or helping them by giving them a place to stay for a while. I do mind when they expect you to let them do as they please and expect you to feed them everyday. I am disabled, old and not healthy, I can give ya a room to live in but I can’t feed you! The Elderly and disabled are on budgets, folks, family or not, don’t try to take advantage of us please, we do get mad. We have to survive and your not going to feed us or clothes us or house us, so we end up on Social Security, disability payments and we struggle with costs. Wake up ok!

Next subject the political problems in America increased the day Donald J. Trump came down his escalator in Trump Tower and declared he was running for President. He is predijuced, discriminating, a their and liar and cheater. You want proof, just go ask the contractors who worked for him in is business. They got pennies on the dollar for what they did, including materials. He cheated on his taxes, he cheats in anyway he can, to keep money, including when he ran up his tax plan in Office, he did it niot for the average American, me and you, but for himself and his rich cronies.

Sadly, too many thought the tax plan was for all it wasn’t. Then I hear, well he built the wall, no he didnt. He failed at building it. And we didn’t need it anyway, never have, that is what the Border Patrol is for and Immigration Officers. Look America is built on immigrants we all know it, we all came from somewhere else, ask around. He brought hate and fear and anger to America and it’s politics and people is what he did. He called for and got an Insurrection against hois own government while in Office. He cries the election was stolen it never was. Now, he is caught harboring and hiding classified documents in Mar A Lago at his estate in Florida. For what reason, first no way he can wave a wand and make them all declassified folks, second what did he want with them, third why didn’t he return them? What purpose did Donald J. Trump have, for having these documents?

Then we now hear, the Justice department is attacking Trump, it’s a democratic attack on him, bullshit. The Justice Department is doing their job folks, he has no business with these documents in his possession period. What is the reason for having them or removing them from Washington? No excuse is given that make any sense, except he planned on using them for some purpose. Why else have and hide and hold them?

The Trump mess and scandals and problems will continue to come out. They wil continue for as long as we have, these so called Trump lovers and supporters who are blind and who have been conned by Trump so well into believing him. The Justice Department is doing it’s job, reveal all the information, indict Donald J. Trump, charge him, arrest him and try him in a court of law. Let the American people see the evidence during the trial, televise it all, and lets see him defend having the documents and information he had.

Let me remind all, there was one woman, who took one secret document home, to study it for her job and got caught she got five years and, hit with a felony. The Rosenberg’s, were executed for trading information with the Russians for less evidence. If we go the simpler route, then we have 11 counts of stolen documents from a federal office, at 5 years per charge if proven of course then Donald J. Trump should be given a 55 year sentence, 5 years per document. Think about that folks!

Ok, the weather is nice today outside, the air is fresh and the cooling weather is coming slowly to Massachusetts here on the east coast USA. Soon enough the winter will come once more. Gas prices are up, fuel prices are up, electric prices are up and food prices too. Will, America survive and how many elderly and disabled people will freeze or starve to death this winter of 2022? How many will die from cancer or other diseases because they can’t afford medicines or hospital visits?’ What will become of the once Proud America we all knew and loved when I grew up in the 50’s and sixties?

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