Lock Trump Up, Lock Trump Up, Lock him up, now!

The mess of the Trump, Maga, people and Trump himself is getting very dangerous for all Americans. Too many times I have heard how great Donald Trump is by Trump Supporters who really have no idea what he has done.

So let me put this forward for all to understand at this point in time. First Trump had four years one term as President to complete or do what he thought he could. He failed at all he touched, The only thing Trump passed was a Tax Bill that favored rich people like himself. No he did not build the wall between us and Mexico and get it done. He failed.

Now, he loses the 2020 election, and sets up an insurrection against his own Government and country, then yells and screams it was stolen. lies in all ways no one stole the election folks, he lost it period. He lost by the same exact margin Clinton lost to him the numbers are the same and he lost the electoral as well as the popular votes.

He leaves in a huff and in anger, and now we find out he has secret documents in his Mar A Lago Estate and home, two years after he left office. Whats his purpose or reason for having them, and what was he going to do with them is my first question. Second question each excuse he give for having them is worse than the last one and they all fall through none are worth a damn word he is saying. SO just tell me why he had the documents in the first place and what he wanted them for and his intentions with them were.

We are not talking a single document marked secret here we are talking 11 sets of documents and 33 boxes of Federal Paers belonging to the American People. explain please! There is no explanation for having them in the first place, secondly he had a chance to return them, said he did and didn’t and he had a lawyer sign saying there were no more in his possession. Here is a sad fact for all to see and hear loud and clear. As Trump sits in his homes and watches this all on television, those who followed him on January 6th, are now going to prison and becoming felons at a great rate now. Go ask them how they feel now, that they have to serve time behind bars and are felons who can’t vote anymore.

No man or woman in America is beyond the reach of the law and that includes Ex-Presidents folks. All of us are equal under the law. You can’t incite violence, steal secret documents and get away with it, no one should. I remind all one woman took one secret document home and got caught, and had to serve a five year sentence for doing so. So how many years should Trump get for 11 sets of documents he took, 5 x 11 folks, equals 55 years at minimum in my mind.

Trump needs, indicted, charged and put on trial for the whole world to see. Is he going to be allowed to walk free after breaking all these laws and what was he doing with the documents? If Trump is not indicted, charged or put on trial at least, it will set a precedent beyond measure and tell all Americans ex-presidents are above the laws of the land. No one is above the laws folks no one, try Trump!

No way in hell, should Trump ever be anywhere near the White House or any political office ever again in America. He should lose his benefits he got from being President also. Why should we pay a man who is breaking the laws, inciting violence in America, and, take care ,of him, he doesn’t care about us. Look, if you took documents, I can bet you, you would have been arrested, indicted, tried and convicted and in an orange jumpsuit right now, why isn’t Donald J. Trump? Is it right that he is walking free and doing as he pleases, while those he incited and led and told to attack our captial and who did his bidding are now serving time behind bars? Should he be with them? I think so.

Lock Trump Up, Lock Trump Up, Lock him up, now!

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