Why isn’t Donald J. Trump?

August 19th, 2022, as I watch the news, everywhere you look is Trump problems. Trump Org, Trump Insurrection, Trump search of Mar a Lago. Trump says this, Trump says that, this person associated with Trump is in front of a Grand Jury, that person is being questioned who was in his Administration. Now I ask you why this is so?

We are now on our 46th President in Joe Biden. IN all 46 Presidents what other President than Trump was Impeached twice in one term? What other President refused to concede the Presidential race he lost? What President wouldn’t let his taxes be seen? What President walked out of the White House and took 35 boxes of paperwork and other items to his own estate and refused to acknowledge what his own advisors told him, when they said it belongs to the people and told them, It’s not theirs, it is mine!. What other President has been served with search warrants? What other President lies so boldly?

Look, I don’t care what anyone says, whether a Trumper, or not, Trump has brought nothing but discord, racism, nastiness and violence to the American people. His performance sucked as a President period. He failed with Putin, he failed in North Korea and looked like an ass in both places and instances. Then, others say well he built the wall between us and Mexico, nope failed again folks, 600 miles of fence and never finished. Then I hear, the line well he passed a tax plan for us, no he didn’t, that tax plan gave breaks to himself and other rich people only. Sad. He has failed at so many things it is crazy folks.

So why do people follow him, easy, it is racism, it is prejudice, discrimination and more. It is hate mongering! This man stood on an airport runway and pointed out one black man who was there and said there is my black me. Are you kidding me he got away with that shit! He talked about how he can grab any woman he wants in any way he wants and they will let him. He even said he could shoot someone on the street and still they would vote for him! Does anyone remember those lines and instances?

Listen, you can say what you want regarding what I am about to say, the end of this discussion is simple. If you believe in Trump and don’t realize what he has done to America is wrong, then you need to get your head examined! This man failed at so many things and then still became President, yet since it has gotten worse.

No President has accomplished such a criminal record as a President and ex-President. I am watching as Trump supporters who went to his Jan. 6th Rally and Insurrection are now in prison behind bars for what they did. Serving sentences of up to 10 years in some cases, while Donald J. Trump sits at home and laughs at them. Go ask those in jail who did as he asked on Jan. 6th, if they like the fact of serving time and becoming a felon, because Trump told them to do something! Ask Trump if he is going to pay for the damages he did with these people to our capital and why we must pay to have it repaired and he doesn’t?

For the current situation, lets ask Trump, why, he had these 35 boxes of documents and other items? What was he going to do with 11 sets of classified secret documents and why didn’t he return them when asked to? What is he hiding about having said documents? He can cry about being searched all he wants, he is not above the law. No man or woman in America is above the law, we have laws for a reason. He wants to attack the Justice Department and The FBI for doing the Search, they are just doing their jobs, back off.

The Judge says he wants to open the affidavit to the public and show us all he can. As he does he should consider the legal cases involved, the FBI Agents involved, the witnesses and all other cases attached to this action. Is it right Your Honor to put FBI Agents, Police, witnesses in direct danger, if you believe that is the case, recuse yourself from this. If you believe in Justice and holding all accountable for the laws they have broken like any citizen would be, then lets do so and protect the innocent, the FBI and Justice and police enforcement also. You release the affidavit, it will be redacted big time and probably will make no sense to the American People. It will actually point the finger at the accused in this case more than anything else. So go ahead.

The problem that exists here all started when Trump started and held his insurrection on January 6th, 2021. So Your honor, stop and think of something before you release anymore.ump doing with these documents, why did he have them and what was he going to use them for? Why did he refuse to return them to the Government when told to? If an average American citizen, took secret documents home and refused to return them, we would be arrested, in jail, without bail and convicted in days. We would be serving years over one document, why isn’t Donald J. Trump?

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