Donald J. Trump fiasco, must end soon!

The current Donald J. Trump fiasco is getting totally ridiculous now, We have gone from the small shock, to a large shock over it, to a great concern now. STop and think what is happening here and what has been found now.

Here we have the only President in American History, to be Impeached twice in one term, an Election loser and denier, who set up an attack and insurrection against his own Administration and still people back him, why? Why would anyone back such a person?

On top of all of the above, he leaves office, refuses to concede, and takes with him, secret government documents to his personal estate in Mar A Lago, in Florida! We are not talking one sheet of paper here, we are talking hundreds of papers, marked clearly secret or above and hides them. Why, what for, did he take them? No it is not for his Presidential Library, no it is not to write a book, whatever excuse he gives is a lie. In the end he knew the laws, he admits to knowing the laws regarding classified documents and secrets, yet he took the documents anyway? Let me say this, this is a man who is full grown here, an adult, who knows right from wrong, and he did this anyway?

My main question for The Justice Department, The Attorney General and even The current President of The United States Joe Biden is a simple one, Why is Donald J. Trump still not indicted, charged and convicts and locked up? If this was any other American citizen we would be locked up and the key thrown away by now, and faster then you can say the word jail. Explain to me why, Donald J. Trump is still a free man!

I remind the Justice Department, The FBI, and all involved, a woman who took one sheet of paper home marked secret, got locked away for five years, Trump took 35 boxes of documents and is still free, what is wrong with this picture? So, I thought Justice applies to all Americans, and no one can run from the laws correct? Then why is Donald J. Trump not in a jail cell an din an orange jumpsuit by now?

Each day more information is released about what Trump took and how The FBI and the Justice Department, first asked for the documents back, then had to subpoena for the documents back, and got partial back that way, and then now had to go in with a search warrant to get the rest back. A total of 35 boxes of government documents belonging to the people were taken by Trump and he is still free to run for President again? What kind of bullshit is this here? Am I the only concerned citizen here in America, over all of this?

Now let me say this, no there is no Executive Privilege involved here, no Ex-President has that. No he could not have a standing order declassifying all documents he wanted to, does not happen that way folks. No, I doubt very much if a Judge of any kind will allow him to have a Master review the evidence at this stage, he had more than two weeks since it was taken and it has already been seen by FBI Agents. So, that will be out of the question here also.

Each day, it gets worse and worse for Donald J. Trump and those in his Republican Party who defend and protect him. What will Senator Graham say, when they force him to testify in Georgia or when they arrest him for assisting in espionage and take him away too. What about all of the people who went to Washington on January 6th and did as Trump told him to do and stormed the capital and damaged it and threatened the lives of members of congress, who are now convicted felons due to Trump? How happy are they now serving prison terms and losing the right to vote now? How many more people will be harmed, damaged, have their lives ruined?

I can honestly say, this to all Americans, white, black, hispanic, oriental what ever race, creed or color you may be, if you took one sheet of paper marked Secret that belonged to the American Government, where do you think you would be right now, if caught? Behind bars, in a jumpsuit and serving time is where! Wake up America, Trump needs, indicted, arrested, charged, booked, put on trial and convicted! What do you think he was going to do with Secret to Top Secret Documents he had in his possession for almost two years? Why did he take them and who wa she going to show them to for what reason? You tell me! Please!!

The Trump fiasco, started the day he rode down his escalator in Trump Tower and announced he was running for President and it hasn’t ended since. We need to end this now, Trump must be banned from running for any public office or position in America. Congress can do this, The House or Senate or both should do it together, for the good of The Constitution, the Good of The Republic and The Good of America and it’s people! It’s time to show that no man or woman, is above the laws of this land!

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