Trump Supporters, Republicans, please explain why he had the documents, refused to return them and what his purpose was to, having them!

August 27th, 2022, Morning came to me at 4:55 am today, my eyes opened and here was the world once more. I am amazed actually to still being here, but, time does go on and so does life for me.

I watch the new daily, I see the violence and anger in the world and go why at times like many others do. It just seems to increase daily, or if it doesn’t it stays at levels it should never have reached in American Society. I tire of hearing it at times and I wonder more than most why the Republican Party is still backing Donald J. Trump at this time. Are these republicans blind, stupid or unable to comprehend reality here. Look I will say this, how can any republican sit back and back Trump, knowing what we all know now?

  1. Donald J. Trump is hated asa businessman, he does not pay full price for anything and he stiffs his contractors who work for him.
  2. Trump failed at selling water, steaks and even a college. Sad.
  3. Trump is the only President in American history to be twice impeached in one term in office.
  4. Trump set up and ordered and pushed an insurrection against the American Government, while he was its own leader! Who the hell does that?
  5. Trump refused to concede the election he lost, by the same electoral numbers that Clinton lost to him. Same numbers folks, and he said the election was stolen from him, lies.
  6. Trump took secret, top secret and higher secret documents from the White House to Mar-A-Lago and hid them in his estate. Why? and For what Purpose?
  7. When asked to return said documents, Trump fought it and then gave up 15 boxes in January of 2021 and then hid the rest.
  8. Then when the Archives Department asked for the rest Trump hid them and said he had no more. So The Justice Department stepped in and went looking for them.
  9. Trump’s refusal to turn all documents over and his hiding them, led the Justice Department using The FBI to come looking for said documents and more.
  10. So, Trump was approached with requests first to get the documents back, then he was legally asked to turn then over, before the Justice Department had to get a Search Warrant for his property and search it.
  11. Upon searching Mar-a-Lago, the FBI found more boxes of documents, marked secret and above and confiscated then under the search warrant that was issued.
  12. We now know Trump had secret and above documents in his possession in Mar-a-Lago and he refused to turn them over. We also know he is being investigated for espionage, Obstruction of Justice and more. We have now seen the Search Warrant, the list of materials gathered and the affidavit concerning it all. Yes it is redacted, and I don’t blame the Judge or the Justice Department for that, the witnesses have to be protected, so do the agents in the case. It is only common sense and logic they do so, otherwise Trump will sic his followers on them.
  13. As the case builds and builds, I am sure at some point Trump will have to face an indictment here and charges. If he doesn’t, it will kill the legal system in America and kill the thought of all Americans are equal under the law. That in and of itself will rock the very foundation of our republic and democracy. No man or woman is above the law, I don’t care if you are an ex-President or not.
  14. As this case goes forward, those who blindly followed Trump, will pay the price also, if you don’t believe that then you are blind yourself. Ask those already convicted and serving time in prison and jail cells, from the January 6th, attack he set off.
  15. There are politicians out there, who need arrested as well as Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy. They will claim Lawyer, client privileges and executive too, in the end none apply here. The evidence is damning for Trump, his lawyers who backed him and helped him also.

So let me say this in ending before you blindly back anyone for public office of any kind, investigate them, check them out yourself. Don’t get caught up in the bullshit they spout for the jail cells are filling up, with those people who did so following Trump.

It is unprecedented for a President to be so investigated in four states for numerous charges and actions he did. No President in American History or candidate for President did what Trump is being accused of ! Remember that and there are 46 Presidents to look back on now. People are trying to dodge testifying in all these cases, Rudy, Graham, and others, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, the names are growing and the list gets deeper as it goes on. Why are they hiding or dodging or not wanting to testify, or taking the Fifth like Trump did? They are guilty, is why! Remember Donald Trump said it himself many times, people who take the fifth are either mobsters or hiding the truth. It is true isn’t it Donald Trump, look at you taking the fifth so many times.

The only way this Trump fiasco disappears, is 1) Trump gets indicted, 2) He gets charged 3) He is tried in a court of law like everyone else.

To prevent future problems like this Trump and all his cronies, including Bannon, Rudy, Roger Stone and more need to be banned from politics in America. Trump needs to be banned legally from ever running for public office again, he is criminal. Congress can do this, if they have the guts to do so and the republicans stop kissing Trump’s ass now. The Republican party, has got to realize that Trump is going down, he cannot lead their ticket in 2024, or they will lose so badly, their party will disappear. Democrats will vote against him, Independents will too and many Republicans are now realizing it. The Republican Party, will cease to exist if they continue to back Donald J. Trump! They need to wake up, now! Trump must be banned from holding public office ever again, just based on his stealing or taking the classified documents he took. I don’t care what his reasoning is as to why he took them, or refused to give them back. He has in his possession, secret and top secret documents of the United States Government period. Why, who was he going to give them to, or trade them with, or show them to, or blackmail with them? Explain that to me, Trump Supporters Republicans, please explain why he had the documents, refused to return them and what his purpose was to, having them!

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