Congress needs to ban Donald J. Trump from running for or holding any Public Office in America period, immediately.

As August 31st has hit and August of 2022 rolls to a close today, we are still dealing with The Trump fiasco, daily. New Agencies and television stations, and newspapers world-wide shout about it all, Republicans defend Trump and want him as their candidate for President in 2024, even though they know he may be arrested for crimes against his own country.

Look folks, it is time these Trump Supporters, Maga, people get the idea they are backing a dead horse here. He has failed ,at so much in his life and yet they still back him, why? The list of his failures is huge, yet they want to back him, why, because they can’t find a decent replacement. They don’t have one among their numbers, who can stand up to a Presidential Race at all. Trump is done folks, if your a Trump Supporter, Maga Person, of any kind you have to see it now.

As more of his followers who supported and participated in his January 6th, attack on the capital to stop the certification of the election go to prison each day and get convicted. I bet if you talk to them now, who are sitting in cells, they are not too happy about it all, and that Trump is still walking free. Anyone want to take that bet on?

Now, Trump got caught taking classified documents out of the White House, to his Mar A Lago, home in Florida. What the big question is, is simple why and what was his purpose in doing so, and what did he think he was going to do with them? I don’t care about all the bullshit he is throwing up against the wall, trying to delay the process of law here, what I care about is simple, who saw the documents, who did he show them to and for what purpose and what damage did he do to our country and security? Answer the one question, Lindsey Graham and other MAga and Trump supporters, What did Donald Trump have the documents for and what was his purpose for them and who was he going to show them to? Please just answer the primary question here, what was Donald Trump doing with all these classified documents in Mar a Lago, unsecured? There can be only one purpose to him, having them, to use them against a political opponent or to show them to a foreign power, period. Thais called Treason folks, blackmailing America, all over the fact he lost an election! The truth has to come out now, he has no place to hide, and his lawyers will not win, if he is indicted. There is no Executive Privilege for an Ex-President folks! Nor is there any Attorney Client Privilege involved in this case, why because ,the documents do not belong to Donald Trump, they are the American People’s. No President in American History, has ever done what Trump has done here. Let me say this to his Maga and Supporters of him, if you took one item classified from the American Engorgement to your home, where do you think you would be right now? You would be in an orange jumpsuit behind bars is where! Want proof go ask the woman who took one document home marked secret and got five years in prison for it. Donald J. Trump is guilty no matter how he tries to avoid, run, hide or claim special treatment or privileges, none apply to him. He is no longer a President, folks, he is another American Citizen who tried to steal documents from his own country, for his own purposes.

I remind all, of The Rosenbergs who died in the electric chair for selling secrets to other countries. To me Donald J. Trump is a Benedict Arnold, a traitor to his country, we should ban him from holding any public office in America and we should either indict and convict and jail him, or banish him to another country, expel him from America. Congress needs to ban Donald J. Trump from running for or holding any Public Office in America period, immediately.

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