Indict Donald J. Trump, lock him up!

At some point in time, Justice must prevail, it must be dealt out evenly and without favoritism, or preference, to yes, even former Presidents. I was born under Eisenhower, and I have lived through many Presidents now in my 66 years of life. I study American History and I watch the news, I watched JFK get killed on tv like many who were kids at the same time I was. I have read of Washington, the creation of The United States, the Founding Fathers and how we became a nation, a republic and a democracy that the world admires. Now I see things cleared because i am older, I see the tearing down of a once proud nation, by a movement that is unrealistic and unlawful, and dangerous, this MAGA movement, is dangerous for America, it is dangerous for our future and the very foundation our country is built on.

No President in American history has refused to show their tax returns, no President in American History has been Impeached twice in office in one term, no President had refused to concede an election when they lost and set up an insurrection against his very own administration and asked people to hang his own Vice President, till now! No President slinks out of Washington to go home, with Top Secret Documents, stores them openly and insecurely in his home and then claims they are no more than, like a library book being overdue when he is caught.Why would a American President take Top Secret Document, hold them, for 17 months, and force the FBI to come get them. Please explain! What purpose did taking the documents have, what was he going to do with them,who was he going to show them to? Is it Putin and Russia, is it Kim and the Koreans, and how bad did he compromise our security as a nation?

This Trump fiasco, started when he refused to concede defeat when he lost the election in 2020. It has now continued on into 2022 in September, and it needs to end. What needs done, is #1) Donald J. Trump must be banned from running for any public office in America. #2) Donald J. Trump needs indicted, charged and tried in a court of law, for the charges brought forth by the DOJ. His trial must be public and shown to all, to show no one is above the laws of the United States. 3) Someone should go interview those already in prison and convicted from his insurrection and ask them how they feel now, behind bars and Trump walking around free? Secret and above documents are not library books folks, the documents represent the safety of the American People, you and I and our country, and the people who handle that security for us. Donald J. Trump took them for his own purposes to his home in Florida, Mar A Lago, for what purpose or reason, and who wa she going to show them to? You tell me. This MAGA crowd needs to be broken up, torn apart, disassembled and banished, just like the fascist and Nazi regiemes of World War 2, before it takes hold and destroys America. We do not do Dictators here in America!

To Merick Garland, Attorney General of The United States, you have the charges, the documents, the proof and more, how much longer will it take to secure a case against Donald J. Trump, and to indict, charge and arrest him? What more is needed to do so? There has to come a time, when Trump has to be indicted and tried for crimes against America, and for breaking it’s laws, that time should be now! The American People, want this to end as soon as possible, we are tired of the daily news of it, and the step by step reporting of it on our radios, televisions, and in our papers. We look like idiots as a nation, because no one is arresting this man and he is getting away with it all. Are you scared because he is an Ex-President, are you scared because he is a billionaire? Are you scared because his Maga People are threatening riots? What is it Attorney General Garland please tell us. For as I see it as an American Citizen and Disabled Veteran who served his country for 16 years, you are allowing Trump his freedom and showing because he is an Ex-President he is above the law to all us tax payers. He deserves to be treated like all citizens of this country, held accountable under the laws of our land and dealt with. Indict Donald J. Trump, lock him up!

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