” There is no excuse for Donald J. Trump, having these documents, none what so ever!” No excuse, no reason can justify it folks!

Labor Day, 2022 has arrived folks, here in America. The Temperatures have begun to drop some, there is a slight chill in the air in the am. The sun still shines but for shorter hours, and time keeps rolling on.

The economy is expensive in America, food prices have gone up, car prices, gone up, gas has gone up, even people who commit violence have gone up in numbers. The cost of being alive in this world has just risen day by day. It’s amazing how things change, and people have to struggle to see through, yes even here in America. The world is not a kind and generous place like some would like us to see or believe, it is in fact a cruel world, that asks daily what have you done for me, before it allows you to be provided for in anyway. No one hands you a damn thing, unless you earn it or pay for it in someway.

While many struggle to survive day by day, and are gullible and foolish enough to follow so, called, leaders like Trump, they don’t stop to think of the consequences, do they? At some point, someone has to go to the jails and prisons, where these people who participated in the January 6th, attack on the U.S. Capital are, that Donald J. Trump told them to do, and ask them as they serve their terms, How do you feel now, that you have been convicted as a felon, and imprisoned, as Donald J. Trump walks free? Your so-called leader is walking free around Mar a Lago eating steaks and living in splendor, as you sit in a cell, for your sentence. Are you happy you did as he told you to now? I bet they are no happier than former enforcer and lawyer.

I can go on here, but what is the use? Look, America is tired of the Trump fiasco being played out currently. In the end the real question that remains and is waiting to be answered is will Donald J. Trump ever be ,indicted, arrested, and tried in a court of law for what he has done to America? Every news agency, on television and radio and in papers and magazines, are all covering this, and all of it is saturating the american public. Anger abounds from die-hard Trump supporters and Maga people, violence is being threatened. Sadly, it is all because, one man decided he couldn’t handle losing an election. Then, he compounded it all by the insurrection and attack on the capital, refused to concede the election, tried to overturn it and then, slinked, out of Washington, DC, to Florida, and took secret and above documents to his home, breaking more laws then any Ex-President in American History! We all know of it all, and yet no one is charging him, someone please explain why?

I will say this, The Rosenburgs were electrocuted for Treason, a woman took one document home marked secret and got 5 years in jail for it. Now Donald J. Trump takes home over 314 secret or above documents, to his estate, leaves them laying around for people to see, and he is still walking free, how is this possible?

We need Congress, to get together and number one, ban Trump from running or holding any public office in America, Period. Second, The DOJ needs to assemble it’s case and evidence, indict and charge Donald J. Trump now, and arrest, him. Lets end this fiasco, this show and take away his platform he is using to incite the Maga people with. Didn’t they do enough damage to the Capital, and why do we have to pay for it to be fixed, when a billionaire is the one who incited it all? Shouldn”t Trump be footing that bill?

If Donald J. Trump is allowed to run for President again, then you may as well have kept Benedict Arnold as General when this nation was created. Donald Trump is a bigger criminal and traitor to America than Arnold was! He is the modern day Benedict Arnold, he sold us out to other countries.

What purpose did Trump have for all the secret and above documents he had in his possession? Why did he have them and what was his intent with them? Who did he show them to, and why? What information was in them, what secrets did he give out to our adversaries? Stop and think about this now, what purpose did Donald J. Trump have with these documents? Did he sell them to other nations? Did he give them to other nations? Was he going to use them to blackmail the American Government, so he could try to get the Presidency back? What was his purpose in having them please explain to me! 314 Secret or above documents, taken from Washington, DC. by a former President, and held for up to 17 months, why? As Bill Barr the former Attorney General said, ” There is no excuse for Donald J. Trump, having these documents, none what so ever!” No excuse, no reason can justify it folks!

One more thing I wish to mention here, Trump asked the court for a Master to review the documents taken from his estate. He did so by carefully avoiding the Judge who was handling the case in the first place, and going to a Judge he appointed himself. Now shouldn’t this second Judge be taken out of the case, and not be involved due to the fact she was appointed by Trump to the bench? I think so. Also, why is a second Judge being involved in a case already being taken care of by a prior Judge already handling the case? And can she really overrule the Judge involved already? Shouldn’t be folks!

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