What would you suggest to do?

As time goes on, I am learning some things about dating sites, first is no matter which one you join, Bumble, Match, Zoosk or any of them, it costs to join one, it cost to communicate with anyone on them, and most likely you may find someone, but they are always far away from you to travel to.

Also most are geared to the younger crowds, in their 20’s to 40s, and want nothings to do with seniors in their 50 and up. When you find the Senior sites for 50 and up, and into your 60’s, again it’s all charges to find someone, talk to someone you may want to meet. Why?

IT’s a business Ladies and Gentlemen and thats how they look at it. They don’t care what your searching for or what you want a partner for, they care how much money they can get out of your pocket. Their web sites for dating cost them just for the online website, alone, and they maintain them themselves as they go along. So your paying, hundreds of a year of access to profiles to look thru and photos of people, and half of them are no longer even on these sites. So these Dating Sites on the Internet are collecting all this money and they are getting rich as the average man and woman pay to use them. Sad isn’t it?

IN the end, are there any free dating websites out there, not really. Everything costs you. I have tried one, and I wonder mostly if i am paying you one and some odd dollars to use your site, why do I have to pay to message others on it? Shouldn’t that be a part of the overall cost, for the year membership? I think it should. The other wya they get you is, unless you go back and cancel your account before the due date of it expiring they automatically charge your charge card for another year. Come on now, be realistic, what if I found someone and i am bust dating them and forget to cancel the membership, I still get billed see.

Look I am a widower, I am 66 years old, I am not a handsome, debenair man, I am an average man in America. Educated yes, on my own yes, and of course in a new area, in a new state of Massachuetts here. I want to find things to do and people to meet in Westborough Ma., my area not drive all over the state to meet women in my age range. Yet, there is no way of meeting anyone for people in my age bracket, is there. I live in a condo in a new complex, I play pool on Monday evenings here and I now bowl on Thursday night at a bowling alley on RTE 9.

I have met two women through Zoosk on line, and such. Nothing clicked of course but they were nice to talk to. Yet it cost you to maintian the search and membership eventhrough Zoosk. Other than online chat room s, and bowling, there is not much for a senior to do here in Wetsborough, yes they have a Senior Center, been there, and looked, not much folks, it’s boring. I submit just because, I am in my 60’s, does not mean I like to just sit around doing nothing at all, nor does it mean I am incapable of thinking for myself, I just need activities to do and places to meet other still active people in my age range.

Ladies and Gents, tell me, what do you do? Is there a way to find someone after your widowed in this world anymore? I miss having a wife to talk to, to communicate with, to have companionship with, to watch tv, or go to a movie with, or walk with, and more. Am I wrong fro missing that and wanting it again, I think not, but in today’s America the world is not kind enough, to think about these things for us seniors of the 50 and up range. So, we end up living alone, and becoming hermit like individuals, going thru dayto day functions and Doctors as needed, period. Fun times huh!

So tell me America, and anyone who reads this blog out there or who is in my age range, what would you suggest to do?

Comments and Suggestions please, E-mail- bmccurrach20@gmail.com

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