The dating connumdon for Seniors! Any Answers?

October 7th, 2022 has begun!. The weather is nice again, the sun is out. Each day passes slowly for me, loneliness is a key, so I try to walk alot, bowl once a week for fun, and play pool once a week too. I build puzzles, read books and chat on the internet. Seems, when you become a widower, or widow for that case too, life seems to go slower and it is harder to meet anyone to date or get to know.

Dating sites are not really usefull, if your retired and on a pension or just on Social Security and such. All cost money, so us seniors get hit with the costs when we try them, to answer someone cost money, to contact someone money, period, there is even a charge to just join the sites

They get you coming and going, as far as dating sites go, and in todays America people are wary, scared, then there is a trust issue for women and men and it is all taking a chance isn’t it? I try to be logical with these processes and sites, if I get to chatting with a woman I like, I offer to meet in public only, for coffee or a drink, and see how it goes. I am not looking for purely sexual meetings, so I guess hook-ups as they call them, I look for possible relationships, and how we get along. Am I wrong for that, or is it because i am 66 years old, that I have difficulties finding anyone around me. Distance is a problem too in my mind, gas prices are high, prices are going up left and right, and if you on a limited budget well you get the idea here.

I do live in a ne wplace for me, a new state and town, and i know nothing or how people my age meet each otjer here. So, I find myself floundering and flayling around, just walking alot, and trying to find things to do. So, I wonder if there are others out there doing the same i am. I don’t work, so, plenty of free time and I am bored.

I havent been single in 28 years, so, I have no idea how the social networks or dating networks work these days. I am old fashioned, compared to men these days who are younger. I do not understand the woke crowd stuff, either. It’s a very different world in 2022, than I am used to.

So here is what I am asking here- How do you find a partner, someone to spend time with in todays society and world in America? What should I do besides joining a dating site an dpaying to chat there? I am lost and feel like I don’t fit into the world around me here. I see trust issues happening especially for women, but also for us men. People can be cruel, mean and inconsiderate toward people they don’t know, but, life goes on I say. So how to beat the loneliness and meet people of the opposite sex, or gender in todays America is my question. So, let me ask folks, where do people 55 and up turn and what do they do to find partners for relationships out there? How would you recommend to find and meet someone in today’s world in America? Any suggestions, or ideas folks, I am listening, my e-mail addy if you have comments or suggestions.

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