NFL Injuries and Dating Age problem.

Sunday has arrived and that is normally NFL Day for me. I love football as a sport to watch and understand, and yes it is fun. Though it has now twice shown how dangerous it is to play for the players. The concusions are deadly, ask the two recent players who found themselves unable to walk after hits one a Dolphin and now one a Colt.

You have grown men over three hundred pounds charging others head on and of course injuries will happen, from nroken bones to head injuries. The question is how do you stop such injuries from happening an dthat my friends and football lovers is the big question. The answer will have to be researched soon, how bad the injuries are to the two foementioned players, wil be told soon enough after testing and rehab begins. I believe if this type of motor function injury happens to a player that players timein the NFL should end, for a second such head injury could end their lives. The NFL, must set the protocols and keep players from being hit in the head a improve the helmets also.

I used to predict games here, and I was decent at it folks. Yet the league changes daily as does the power ratnkings based on injuries, drafts and coaching changes. SO, now a days I just basically watch the games for fun and entertainment.

Next subject for me, being a senior these days at 66 years old, I am finding myself alone and of course lonely. The problem is, when one is widowed like me, or even divorced, there is a fear of going out there to meet others in today’s world. Too many vultures and mean people abound. They come after you for money, and to get what they want from someone. Or you run into the trust problem and covid and more. Society today is scared of getting involved, and men and women have trrust issues. So many like myself, stay alone out of fear or out of what they deem as necessity, due to covid and attitudes and othe problems. This leads to a problem of wanting and needing companionship, to being scared of putting oneself out there to find it. It is a problem I call the edler people condonum.

Look folks, just because we are 55 and older, and divorced or widowed does not mean we are dead. We want what everyone else does too, someone to share life with, but to get there we have to overcome many things. We have emotions to overcome, we need to heal from our loses and we get people who try to tell us how soon to do it, or that we are doing so, too fast. Then we have covid to overcome and add in the basic fears and trust issues in today’s society and wham, it’s like hitting a qall out there for thos eof us over 55. W ehesitate, we stop ourselves, because we are afraid of rejection, and being taken advantage of. Yet at our ages of 55 and up, we also understand that life is about taking chances and know at some point we must do so or die alone. So what is there to do for all of us seniors out here?

Dating sites abound online, and they cost money and there is no way to be sure what you try is not ripping you off. It all can turn out to be expensive using them and, most of the time they are just players, phonies, or scams. So we don’t go there is we are smart, and most of us are, we try them once or twice then we quit. We then tend to withdraw from society and end up in bars, drinking, getting drunk in misey and giving up.

So, is there an answer to that situation and problem in American society and if so what is it folks? Anyone have any ideas, on this one? My e-mail for responses is, for suggestions, comments or ideas. Please include response in the heading of the e-mail sent.

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