Any Massachuetts residents have any answers for me?

Well October is rolling along, fall temperatures are coming in now here in Massachusetts, the leaves are turning also. It is alittle earlier than when I was a Connecticut resident, but still the same.

As time rolls on now, I have been without my wife for fourteen months. It’s lonely, it’s hard to go on each day, I have no company, companionship to replace the loss of her. I spend my days walking, and building puzzles, and reading or watching television. I barely go out these days, I do play pool for two hours on Monday evenings with the crew here at the condos. And Then on Thursday night now I bowl with agroup from here too. Otherwise i am bored, alone, and have no one for companionship, or any rerlationship at all. Today I woke up and went out for a bit, and came back to find them wheeling out a neighbor of mine, deceased. I know it is a 55 and up community, but to see it in action and happening is tough to take for me. I am 66, and I know I am not the healthiest person around here, but, damn, to see a body roll out of here was rough on me mentally.

I know one thing I am trying hard not to get depressed over it all, but, it is rough for me. SO I carry-on the best I can daily, but again I am lonely. I spent first 12 years with one woman and my two kids, and then got divorced. No fault of my own by the way it was her fault on her side. Then I went two years without anyone until I found my second wife at a singles dance one night. We lived together 28 years, as couple and married. Sadly, I lost my wife in August of 2021 to breast cancer, that spread from breast to bone, to blood to brain, taking her from me. I stood by her to the end, hospitals, raidation, chemo, immunio theraphy. Then, hospitals again, rehab facilities and home and back thru one more time before the final 12 days of hospice at home. I will always love her but she is gone from me and there is no way to bring her back.

I sold the home, and moved away to another state here and settled in now. Yet, I have found no one near me, or any place around me to find another to love and care for or who may be interested in me, at 66 years old. Some have suggested I try internet dating sites, and i personally find them nothing but money takers, for themselves. Half the people are not even there anymore, fake profiles, and than you have the distance factor to add in, if you do it. Prices are crazy to join them in the first place and if you do find someone you like, you have to pay extra to message them and talk them into to meeting you. IT’s a scam world in my book, this internet dating site bit.

So the question remains, how do people 55 and up find people to date if they are divorced or like me widowed? Where do we go, to find others in our age range?

The world is not kind to the edlerly, or the 55 and up crowd. If you watch closely like I do, you have a hard time finding any place to even meet others. I am out of practice folks, I spent my life with one woman for 28 years, I don’t even remember where to look or how to ask someone out. Flirting is something I have never done, don’t know how folks, never learned, yet I am a 66 year old widower who was married twice, how the hell did that happen for me? I still have no answer to that one!

I bowl on Thursdays, and i play pool on Mondays, I live in anew area for me, a new state and town. I know nothing here, or anywhere near me, for things to do or events on a regular basis. I try to walk alot here in my community and play pool on monday evenings with some folks here. That is not going to help me find someone to be with is it? I dont see it that way for sure.

So, please tell me if you are from Massachuetts, and near Westborough, where do people my age go to meet others? Is there a solution to my dilimena here, I wonder?I ask those from Massachuetts and Worchester County and more, what are people my age to do, to find someone? Any Massachuetts residents have any answers for me? If so, my e-mail addy is, send me advice and ideas here please!

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