Some Thoughts for October 11th, 2022.

October 11th, 2022 has arrived folks, welcome to it! The weatherman tells me we have a few days left of warm temperatures now, before the cold fronts from canada start to dip down into us here in Massachuetts. Which means getting ready for the cooler weather and the oncoming winter soon enough, warm coats and hats and gloves will be needed.

Being new to Massachuetts and Westborough here, is not easy for I do not know my way around here well and I have no idea where people go or thingsto do may be. I live in a 55 plus community here of new condos, and it gets very boring at times for me. I took up building jigsaw puzzles, and reading again, and then joined the community billards club on monday evenings. Now I have joined bowling with some community members on Thursday evenings just to get out now and then. I like to walk but the cooloer and cold weather is coming fast now. The fooliage is changing, the leaves are going yellow and orange and red and beggining to fall. As all of us and the animals get ready to hibernate for the winter soon enough.

I know as a New Englander, who originated in Connecticut that the fall and cold months can become lonely for many of us. I see it a sbeing worse for me, now that my wife passed in 2021 and I have no one for companionship, and have no idea where to meet anyone. I am trying but, the bars around are small in town, and the bigger ones seem geared to the younger crowds that are here. What to do or where to go to do things i have no idea as of yet. And being 66 years old, and not having dated or approached a woman in 29 years, almost thirty, has me lost for what to do. I just know life is too short not to live it in some way.

I watch the news daily, and see Russia attacking Ukraine, North Lorea firing missles over Japan, Putin threatening to use nukes, and shake my head and pray no one uses nukes. Then I watch the political mess in America here and pray thanks Trump is no longer President. The man needs to be indicted and charged in my opinion. How long can one person, whether he was President or not, skate above the laws and get awya with breaking so many laws it is crazy. It’sa double standard for the rich and mighty right, if you or I did all Trump did they would have locked us up and thrown away the keys long ago. Instead, the people who did what Trump told them to do, are going to prison on a daily basis after being convicted, and Trump sits in Mar a Lago eating steaks and drinking away his life having a good time on America’s dime, after even taking secret or above documents home with him from the White House. Why is it, he can do this, and no one is arresting him please explain? Years ago, one woman took one document home, marked secret, got caught and said she did so by accident and got five years in prison for it. Donald Trump took well over one hundred secret or above documents to Mar a Lago and refused to return them all, and he is still walking free, whats wrong with this picture folks?

Anyway, I change the Donald Trump fiasco in anyway, or make The Department of Justice indict him, I can’t change the weather from changing, or wars from starting or stopping either. I am old now, and I lived through some of the best times in American HIstory, the 1950’s to the 2020’s now. We had it all great television, great fairs and dances,, football parties, and so much more. But, times are changing folks.

Today we have covid here and there, wars abound and more are coming, our economy is going south, people don’t want to work these days. Attitudes suck and you can’t change people’s minds by just telling them the truth anymore, why because there is no trust in America anymore.People don’t trust each other, believe me.

The world is balanced on a precipice and edge folks. because we can no longer trust one anothe rit affects all societies and all people. People fear involvement with one another, they won’t even date off of dating sites on the internet anymore.Scammers are everywhere, trying to take advantage andget your money and life for themselves. IT has become an industry of it’s own, this scamming process. It exists online and off in everyday life. It’s the era of the scammer and con men and women are winning as the average man and woman lose out daily.

When I was a child in the 1960’s, it was a different world indeed. We were then a we, we, we society, we helped one another if we could. Today, MAerica has become a me. me. me, society and screw you, I am getting mine, no matter who I hurt to do it. IT’sa cruel world folks. You want proof, it’s easy to see, drive down a highway and see a car with a person standing there with a flat tire, no one stops to help them these days. They just fly by point and laugh. IN the 1960’s, people pulled over and offered help in changing the tire or a ride to the nearest gas station, now no way that is happening, people are scared.

I am proud to have served my country for sixteen years in three branches of service and in being a Disabled Veteran, I tell people that daily, and some look at me like I am crazy because I wasn’t drafted I was all volunteer. Then, when they say something stupid, I tell them the truth, without menand women like me who served and did so honorably, you woul dhave no freedom or rights, we preserved those for you. Stop and think before you say stupid about Veterans.

Well, I can honestly say today, that I wonder what America will become tomorrow, For I see it failing in too many ways, it is losingt he moral and ethical highground, our standards are being lowered, out manufacturing is low and needs to come back to life. Our way of life is being threatened by wars, politicians who break our laws are walking free and getting reelected and no one thinks twice about it. I pray, that the Americna People are not gukkiable enough, blind enough or ignorant enough to even think of reelecting Trump again. Before you do so folks, stop and go interview the ones who did as he asked them to and attacked our capital, ask them now how they feel about Trump. Ask them how it feels to be in prison, and felons now and not allowed to vote anymore, as he sits in Mar A Lago and eats steak and drinks wine. Or how he walks free, able to do as he pleases, and they are locked behind gates and bars. Are they happy now?

To close for today, I want all to consider one thing, America is still a free nation, but are we losing it? And if so, how do we save it now?

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