I will never understand the Woke Crowd! Yes I rant and rave too!

Hump Day is here folks, yes it is October 12th, 2022, and no one is humping at this hour around here lol!

MIddle of the week and Trump’s mess, gets getting worse for him and he gets closer to being indicted daily I am sure. Not much more can anyone say regarding it, until the Department of Justice decides it has it’s case to convict him and get it done. I knowif it was you or I who took over a hundred secret and top secret documents out of the White House or Washington, DC. we would be behind bars and the key thrown away long ago. I do understand the Department of Justice and why they haven’t done so with Trump as of yet, 1) They want to make sure they havea solid case before they arrest a Former President of The United States and 2) The Republicans will cry foul and scream from the heavens if they arrest Trump before the mid-term elections saying there is an unspoken rule regarding it and The Department of Justice is breaking it. It’s all bullshit, they made up, just like Trump’s excuses for having the documents are. In the end, if Trump is not indicted, charged, tried and convicted, it will be a disgrace to America and it’s Justice System and the American People too. He’s guilty as sin, and here is what someone needs to do, go talk to those who held his insurrection at The Capital for him and followed his orders to do so, and answered his request and did so. They are now all getting convicted and sentenced to prison time and Trump is sitting in Mar a Lago eating steaks and wine and laughing it up these days. Ask, his supporters who are convicted now of felonies and can’t vote any more and who are behind bars if they are happy they did as he asked now, go ahead!

Next subject, because i can scream and shout and write blogs all day regarding Trump, his lack of knowledge and his dishonest ways and lies and his breaching of the American Laws and Trust of this country. Yet, it won’t get me anywhere, unless the Department of Justice has him in an Orange JUmpsuit and handcuffs beforea Judge. Donald J. Trump is the modern day Benedict Arnold of America, and yet people blondly follow himand listen to his rants and rallies! Why? What is the fascination with ZDonald J. Trump, Trumpers, what is it about him that makes you follow him, till you get arrested and convicted and jailed yourself, as he walks free? Please explain it, you Trump followers, please!

Anyway, I watch the news I see Russia, in Ukraine, threats of nukes being used by Putin, North Lorea firing missles all over the place and I go what the hell is wrong here? I know we the United States of America are a super power nation, but I remind all politicians and americans and othe rnations, while we speak loudly and carry a big stick we are not foolish enough to think we can control the whole world by ourselves. We just can’t do it folks, it doesn’t work that way, it’s why we have allies. The United Nations needs to step in and help stop Putin and Russia now.

OK, next, as I said before and I shall say again, I am now a widower, for the past 14 months plus. I basically stay alone and wonder what to do, so I don’t go stir crazy or something. I have my condo, a life of my own an dthat is it. I do my own cleaning, laundry, cooking and living. I know no one around me that well or any women, to date or get to know. I am alone and yes the lack of companionship, converstaion, an dinteraction can drive aman crazy if i let it.

What do I do to keep going some may ask, well I buy and build puzzles, I read books, I play billards here in the condo club house once a weeks and I now go bowling on Thursday evenings. I walk alot, I try to chat on the internet and thats is my life these days. I walk and walk and I mind my own business, and don’t approach anyone. To be honest, I wouldn’t know how to even ask a woman out on a date these days, it’s been almost 30 years since i have. I joke an dluagh and get along with most people and I am easy going really, it’s just I have no idea how to flirt at all. Never have and it may sound funny never did. The first girl I ever kissed said it one day, I have never seen you flirt with anyone and i knew her from 14 till we were in our fifties. Never learned it, never understood it and basically, I ended up married twice anyway! Figure that one out wil you folks, because I can’t!

Life has it’s twist, it’s turnd, it’s ups and it’s downs. We all live through them, some of us are destined to live longer than others is all. Some of us are more fortunate and some of us are less. As my parents told us as we grew up as kids, ” You want something bad enough, you will get off your ass and go get it and do whatever it takes!” If you don’t you lose out!

Well, maybe somewhere out there there is another woman for me, I don’t know, at 66 years old I am doubting it to be honest. Today’s society has different rules than I am used to. The woke crowd runs it now, it’s a different generation and as i see it, if your like me old fashioned it’s hard to get by. Momma didn’t raise a fool mind you, but she also didn’t raise me to treat women like men either. Manners, be polite, she alwys said, so that is what I do normally. I match the personality or the woman I am with, in my own way if i am with one. It’sa doggie, dog world for sure these days, even in the dating world, which I have not entered but looked at.

There are dating sites everywhere on the internet, from Ok Cupid, to Zoosk, to Senior sites, to Adult sites of all kinds, some sexual in nature. If you look around, you will find all of them charge you money to join them and put up profiles. Half of the profiles are people who have come and gone already when you get there. Then if your lucky enough to see someone you like, you have to pay to contact them and for every message back and forth you do. So, the cost gets up there each and everyday you do it. It becomes, lets check your wallet before you can meet someone an dpays us to hook you up. It’s really a sad way of life now, for anyone single at any age, who gets into these sites, they bleed you for money.

The world is a cruel place and it is not getting any better as I age and watch it fly by. I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, we didn’t have al the woke crowd bullshit, nor, did we have some much women’s liberation going on. Look I think women are equals period, doesn’t mean I wil slap em on the back and take em for granted nor mistreat them. I know they think I am being condesending to them when I am polite to them and hold doors open or offer to buy them dinner. But hell, what do they want us men to do nowadays, throw abeer at em and say lets party, and treat them like one of the guys. I think not. It’sa crazy world for sure.

Anyway, I will stop here for today, I know I rave and rant and change subjects in my blogs. It is what they are for in my opinion and no one will have the same opionions I do and i know it. All of us are different for sure, I know one thing I will never understand the Woke Crowd what it means and is, nor will I abide by it, I am old fashioned in nature and style. So forgive me please, but we all have a right to live in peace, don’t we?

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