Watch the January 6th, Hearing today! Here is why!

History is vital to all of us, for we learn from the past what happened, and we work overtime and become aware and avoid the same mistakes in the present, making our future better. We learned in the beggining of The United States, that even Generals can become traitors to our nation and country, Benedict Arnold is the bar right. Trusted and a General, he traded sides and choose the English over his own country and gave them American secrets and plans. WHat happened to Arnold many ask, well history tells us, he left America to go live in England till his death, at which time he cried about what he did and how much he wanted to come back to America.

Today’s modern history, from 2016 until 2020 and his defeat in a fair and legal election, DOnald J. Trump has shown an dproven himself to be the modern day Benedict Arnold and should be imprissoned in my opinion. Donald J. Trump while in Office as President, led and arranged an Insurrection against his own governement and country. He has people storm the American Capital to stop the certification of the electoral votes of Joe Biden’s win. It’s that simple folks, then he refused to conceded said election, and when forced to leave Office and Washington, he stole and took with him Secret and above documents to his estate at Mar a Lago, Florida. TOday will be a big day in history as The January 6th, Committee holds another public hearing on television.

I encourage all Americans to tune in to the hearing today, and in the future ones too if there are any. I love my country, I served my country for sixteen years and I am a disaabled veteran. I have been alive since 1956, I was born under Eisenhowser. who warned us of the military being strong enough to become dangerous in America. I watched as Kennedy pointed us to the moon and was shot and assasinated. And since i have watched each President elected try their best to improve and sustain America. Donald J. Trump did nothing for this country as President and in the end attacked his own administration and his own country because he lost an election! He walked out of The White House with secret and above documents, stored them in Mar a Lago and when caught refused to give them back. What was he doing with them, who did he show them to, what was his purpose in having them? How many are still missing and what did they pertain to and how many people and missions, did he put at stake?

Let me say this for the World to hear and all Americans too, we have curerently had 46 Presidents in America, at no time did any of them, except Donald J. Trump, set up an attackon the Capital, organize it, direct it and carry it thru. At no time did any other President, take secret and top secret documents out of Washington, DC to their private estates and hide them and refuse to return them! Donald J. Trump, believes he is above the law, he believes he is King and he can do as he wishes, and that my friends and fellow Americans is a danger to our Republic and democracy and our Nation needs to apply the laws to him and make him pay the same price Arnold did. Trump needs indicted, charged, a public trial by his peers and convicted and banished from public office also. He needs to pay the same price as any other american who would have committed these crimes! Equal Justice for all, means he falls under the same laws we all do, he deserves to be indicted and charged and tried publically for the world to see. If Trump is not treated like every other American Citizen, just because he was a President, then Equal Justice for All may as well be erased from American History and our Halls of Justice, because it is a lie. To The Department of Justice and Mereck Garland, assemble your case, charge your case, indict Trump, arrest him for Sedition, for Inciting the riot and the attack on the capital, for stealing secret and above documents and for treason against his own country. I remind you one woman got 5 years for a single secret document she took home, if you go 5 years per document, and Trump had well over a hundred of them, he should never see light outside of a prison for the rest of his life. Lock him UP, throw away the key and lets investigate and find out what he did with these documents and who he showed them to.

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