Donald J. Trump has played his game well, it is time to call his bluff!

Sunday has arrived, Octocber is rolling by and the leaves are changing and falling now. We have now hit miod October, for today is the 16th. The weather is changing and temperature start to drop as prices rise for everything in the world and America. Sadly, it seems no one is exactly sure how to fix the economic woes about to hit us all world wide. Times can become tough for sure for many, as more go hungry and homeless.

Politics are heating up, the chase of Trump for all he did is getting heavier and the legal issues he is facing are multiplying big time before his eyes. At some point, as I see it, the Justice Department will have no choice but to indict and arrest Donald Trump. He led an isurrection and an attack on the capital, then refused to admit he lost reelection, and took secret and above documents to his home, from the White House that was not his and he had no reason to have. He lied to the Archieves and he lies to the American People. Yet, it seems everyone is afraid of Donald Trump and won’t take him on, his tactics of delay, delay, delay is working for him it seems.

I remind the Department of Justice, the unspoken agreement not to charge a politician during an election, should not apply to Donald Trump here, why, simply Trump is not on the ballot this year and won’t be until 2024 if he gets to run again. If nothing else and you can’t indict or charge Trump, Congress should grow a set of balls and just block him from holding any public office ever again, just based on all he has done. It is sad as hell they haven’t indicted or charged him or arrested him as of yet, yet all his followers who did as he asked and attacked the capital, go to prison for different amounts of time, while he sits free eating steaks and drinking wine and playing golf in Florida and at Mar a Lago.

Too many questions about these documents Trump took marked secret or above exist. What were they, why did he have them and what was his intention with them, who did he show them to, and for what reasons? Did he affect the security of the United States in doing so? I have listened to the hearings of The January 6th, Committee and I believe they have made one hell of a case, that Donald Trump is responsible for the Attack on The Capital. No denying it now. But what is worse then the attack, the seditious acts he performed against his own country, the treasonous acts of stealing the documents and his refusing to return them. The fact, when asked he delayed, refused to turn them over and the fact when he did he only gave partial back and is hiding more, well, is beyond illegal acts, they are indeed treasonous acts, and Americans should not allow Trump to blackmail America over the documents he stole. We need them back and we need to know who he showed them to or turned them over to. At some point, we Americans must have the answers to what Trump took, who he showed them to and his why for doing so. There is no legal excuse for what he did, he has no executive privilage, it doesn’t exist once you leave office as President. I remind the Department of Justice and Congress of a very simple fact, once a President leaves office, he is just an average American Citizen, no matter what followers he has, he is just as guilty as they come and deserves equal treatment under the same laws all of us do. I remind all, of The Rosenbergs, the woman who got five years for taking one secret document home from her job. Trump is no better then them, he deserves the same treatment. I want to see Justice done, in the cases against Trump, including against his companies, and family too. This man lied, and destroyed America and our standing in the world, and history shows no other American President who committed crimes of this size, indict Donald J. Trump, shut down all his companies, and take away his security and pension too. He is a billionaire right, he doesn’t need us paying for his familie’s security or his, or the pension he is collecting nor, the healthcare and insurance coverage we provide him. Why are we providing him all of this, when he led a seditious act, and an insurrection and attack on the capital? Why do we provide him anything after he stole secret and above documents also? Isn’t it time America, for The Department of Justice to Indict, Charge, Arrest and put on Trial Donald J. Trump for the world to see? If he is innocent let him prove it in a court of law, and let us all see it in a public trial on television! We the American People deserve to see it, hear the charges, and the trial and testimonies too. Let all Americans see what Trump is accussed of, and let him now defend himself in a court of law on public television, for the world to see. Indict, charge, arrest and give Donald J. Trump equal treatment under the Laws of Georgia, New York and yes The Federal Government too. Equal Justice for All, is what we base our Justice System on, in America, lets give it the greatest test of all time and see how Donald J. Trump likes it! Lets give Donald J. Trump the same chance to prove his innocence that he claims, in front of a Judge and Jury and lets see if he is innocent or guilty. It is time to do so, Donald J. Trump has played his game well, it is time to call his bluff!

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